Top 5 Home Remedies To Prevent Peeling Fingertips


Simple home remedies can take care of peeling skin around the fingertips, provided you follow them properly. Following are the simple remedies for peeling the fingertips for smooth and soft hands.

Home Remedies applied to discontinue the shedding Fingertips

Cooling With Aloe


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Shedding skin around the fingertips causes irritation and burning so the application of fresh aloe gel is the best remedy applied. Take aloe stalk, scrape out its gel, and apply it to the affected area twice a day. Continue it till it dries.

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Soothing With the Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is the one-stop solution for all skin problems including the patchy skin and dry skin it was also used once as a remedy for pimples. Use the coconut oil to get rid of dry, peeling, and flaky skin. If not comfortable with coconut oil, using the olive oil or almond oil will also work.

Moisturizing With Honey


Honey is the great moisturizer for the skin. Apply it on the affected areas and leave undisturbed for half an hour. It also goes without saying that a person cannot do much when he has honey, but it is a remedy which is really worth trying.

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Don’t eat it, Apply with oats and Milk


Make a substantial mixture of milk and oats and apply it on fingertips. The milk further moisturizes and oats helps in scrubbing the flaky skin which may cause irritation and trouble.

Sipping all through the day


You might have heard a million times, but it is still repeated, drink enough water in a day. Saying so by that we simply mean 10 glasses. It always keeps a person hydrated and takes care of their skin problems, including peeling skin on fingertips and dry skin.

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