Is Poha Good For Your Health? Things You Should Know Before Trying It


Breakfast is an important meal of the day. You might have seen several online articles and columns that suggest the importance of having a healthy breakfast on time as it is the first meal we eat on a day and it also helps us keep active throughout the day. Poha is one such healthy breakfast which can keep you very healthy.

Poha is a type of rice flake that is also consumed as a snack and breakfast in various parts of India. It is a healthy snack because it keeps the brain cells most attentive and improves the metabolism.

1. High in iron


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Poha is very rich in the iron content which helps maintain the number of various blood cells and also safeguards your overall health.

2. Aids in weight loss


Several diet experts say that poha is an excellent food which people can consume as it suppresses the appetite and even helps in your weight loss goal.

3. Free from gluten


Poha is a perfect food item for people who are little allergic to gluten and those who are focusing to lose some weight as poha is free from any gluten.

4. Promotes bone health


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Eat poha along with curd since it helps make your bone more strong and also facilitates absorption of calcium in your bones to make it even stronger.

5. Easy to digest


People suffering from various digestive ailments could easily eat poha because it is very easy to digest.

6. Rich in vitamin B1


Poha has a high content of Vitamin B1 that helps control the blood sugar levels besides being a great breakfast alternative for the diabetic patients.

7. Very rich in protein


It is the best snack for post workout routine as it has very rich content of proteins which help repair the muscles and also maintain their health.

8. Packed with healthy carbohydrates


Poha is a good source of healthy carbohydrate that is needed by our body to provide instant energy. It contains about 76.9 percent of recommended carbohydrate and around 23 percent of fats. Having poha for breakfasts would give the right quantity of energy without storing fats.

9. Regulates the blood sugar levels


Poha is very rich in fiber and also helps monitor the release of sugars in the bloodstream, preventing any sudden increase in the blood sugar levels. This aspect of poha makes it an excellent food for an individual who is suffering from diabetes

10. Low in calories


This healthy food is low in calories and also has around 76.9 percent of the recommended carbohydrate and around 23 percent of fat, making it a healthy option for those looking for losing weight in a healthy way.

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