Preserve your Cotton Clothes Easily These Summers!!


Summers are here and so you have the chance to now take out all your colourful cotton clothes. With extra care, do you know that you can make your lovely dresses to stay with you for longer? Yes, your cotton dress will reward you by staying perfectly fine. The lovely one piece that you bought is lovable and has got envious glances from your colleagues as well, wink wink! But how can you make sure it remains fine in the scorching heat of summers?

Worry not and stop biting your nails, the tips will help you keep your clothes look fine even in the next season as well…

  • When to Wear! – Summers are the perfect time to don the cotton look as it is breathable, lightweight, airy and also allow you to look vibrant. But you need to avoid wearing them during rains and winters to keep the fabric in good condition.

  • Dealing with the Tear – If you, by any chance has torn your dress, then don’t be a self fixer and take it to a really good tailor, ask him/her what can be done now to make it fine. You can use embroidery and any other thing to make up for the loss, awee don’t be sad now!
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  • Washing and Drying – Hand wash them to make them stay longer and if there are some specific colours that need to washed alone, do that! Cotton can shrink after washing and so be careful and dry them properly, not under excess heat.

  • What about Storage? – Use starch for the crisp look and store them in dry places. Do not crumble them and use hangers to hang them. This way you can ensure that you wear those when you want without needing to iron it again and again that can affect the fabric.

  • Last But Not the Least – Keep your cotton dresses away from deodorants and alkaline products as they can stain it. Presoak the garment if it has got some stains and avoid brushing too hard. This way you can preserve them for longer. 🙂

Huh! Seemed like an easier task, but is not! But your dresses would definitely appreciate the hard work you have put in. 

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