How to Prevent the Hair Fall Using Acupressure


Acupressure owes a very similar to that of hot oil massage, but there is no use of oil during acupressure. Only scalp is massaged using the hand movements to make the person cure the hair fall problem and remain stress-free.

Following are few benefits of doing an acupressure.

Stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp

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Removes the dead skin cells, toxins, and dandruff from the scalp

Reduces the stress which causes the hair fall

Helps nutrients and oxygen to flow into the head scalp

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How to overcome the Hair Fall with Acupressure?


Acupressure massage helps in providing healthy hair growth and strengthens the existing hair. It is always suggested to improve the acupressure massage benefits of olive oil. Olive oil when being massaged into the head scalp neutralizes the DHT hormone which is responsible for the loss of hair. The natural ingredients present in olive oil reduce the growth of DHT i.e. Dihydrotestosterone on the head scalp and thus helps in promoting the hair growth.

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The hair health is directly linked with the blood supply adrenal glands functioning. Acupressure further helps in boosting the blood circulation and immune system. It revitalizes the head scalp in order to encourage the healthy re-growth of hair and further inhibits the loss of hair. Treating the body with points of acupressure for the purpose of hair growth further helps in flushing the toxins, helps in maintaining the health of blood and further increases the blood circulation to the face. It also helps in clearing the scalp from dead skin cells, debris, dandruff and dead skin cells.

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How Acupressure Works?


Acupressure works by insertion of pressure on body specific points known as qi. Pressure application requires accuracy because 365 acupoints are situated on the main channels. Each acupoint has a connection network just like the network of blood vessels present in the circulatory system.

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