12 Surprising Facts about Skipping for Weight Loss


Every one of us desires to lose weight faster! And yes! As we know, it’s not easy. Yet here we are going to tell you that one of the best ways to lose weight is by skipping.

Now tell me, what’s the first thought when anyone says workout or exercise that comes to the mind? Fitness center or gym, right? It is not unusual. Getting fit and leaner for most people, means losing sweat in the gym and running miles mostly on the treadmill. But if you just want to keep fit and active, then going to the gym or being involved in any fitness courses is not important at all. What you need is a jumping rope, a bit of open space, a bit of inspiration.

It is not always possible to guarantee you a fit body with bulky and intricate items of machinery; this can also be done easily by skipping rope in the safety of your home. skipping rope to keep fit is not anything new, since it’s an amazing way to work out; all the best athletes on earth do this. There are many reasons why you can jump rope every day.

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But why not put those young days back and make the training sessions more exciting and more lively?

How skipping causes weight loss?

There are many people who prefer skipping to running due to numerous benefits of the skipping. If you look at this, it is simple and easy and a more lot of fun, plus one get to burn many calories while you are doing it. According to fitness experts, around 10 minutes of skipping almost burns more number of calories than forty-five minutes of running. Skipping is the best and effortless approach to shed an additional fat in the body. It even helps in improving the heart rate.

Benefits of skipping for weight loss

Appreciating the childhood experience of skipping, now we have arrived at a stage where we can recognize the rewards that have been left unheard of.

  1. Skipping for weight loss is recognized as one of the safest workouts for cardio and high-intensity interval exercise.
  2. It makes you lose approximately 1300 calories/hour (which is quite a lot actually)
  3. Skipping for weight loss causes more calories to be burned than running does. Another great benefit it has over biking is that indoor skipping can be performed conveniently and even poor weather conditions or noise or traffic cannot get in the way of our easy workout for weight loss.
  4. A skipping rope below Rs. 200 can be bought, making it one of the most inexpensive types of exercise.
  5. It increases our energy level, coordination, posture, and agility immensely. Skipping rope for five minutes over a span of four weeks substantially increased the physical workability of female participants, according to a survey published in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.
  6. For endurance training, is considered one of the easiest and most successful workouts.
  7. Skipping for weight loss, along with being a super successful weight loss workout, also aids in toning the body.
  8. An all-rounder workout that aims to tonify the thighs and calf muscles is skipping for weight loss. For the muscles and abs, it works wonders as well.
  9. Skipping for weight loss increases the heart rhythm & wellbeing and is also ideal for patients with blood pressure.
  10. Skipping also tends to increase bone density and thereby decreases the risk of osteoporosis.
  11. Skipping proves to be a less strenuous type of exercise as opposed to running and hence places less pressure on the joints.
  12. Also, one of the low-cost and low maintenance practices that can be undertaken by persons of all ages is skipping for weight loss. In fact, the equipment, which is just the skipping rope, does not need much room to be stored and is not fitted for maintenance.

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