Some Sexiest Secrets to Shape your Eyebrows


Certain features on your face make you appear well groomed; like those shapely brows which highlight your personality and give the face a dramatic appeal. Being the most important feature of your expression, eyebrows enhance one from every angle of the face. Whether you want a flattening appearance or a narrow shape, an eye brow expert can give you the best shape to complement your facial form.

Avoid going for drastic changes it will make you rather unnatural and odd. Listed below are some techniques to get the best shape of your brows right at your home-

  • To get an ideal shape of your eyebrows, brush your brows before tweezing them for a well defined shape. Firstly, brush towards the upward direction then with a pair of scissors snip the ends which are very long. This will enable you to bring out the best shape while tweezing or threading your eyebrows.
  • Get a pair of tweezers which has slanted edge. These are long lasting and easy to use when shaping brows. However, one must be careful while plucking hair with this tweezers. Stretch and hold the skin and don’t tweeze many hair in one go, it will not only hurt but may also damage your shape.
  • Be careful while tweezing the bottom and top of your eyebrows. Moving from the top clean your bottom at the end and revamp your shape easily. To make them well shaped try giving slight arch on the top. In case, you have thick brows and you wish to get a beautifully designed arch, you can remove a row of hair from the bottom to make them more eminent and sharp.

With these techniques on tweezing you can give your features an extra oomph which will add a new dimension to your personality. So, you can try these tips to make your eye brows more appealing and beautiful.

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Shape your Eyebrows

Apart from tweezing eyebrows, there are many other methods that are employed by experts when designing eyebrows. If you are not sure which arch design will suit your face the best, it is best to get a tweezing done by an expert. The expert will shape your brows in a way that will complement your facial features and make you look more stylish and trendy. After all, the sexy look is always on, so follow these sexiest secrets to bring the best in your brows.

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