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You don’t like to miss your favorite TV shows, do you? Neither does anyone else. Television has revolutionized the field of entertainment… Starting from kids to adults everyone has their favorite shows on TV.

Apart from providing this much of entertainment, TV can sometimes have wrong effects on the viewers.

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It’s a practice among people to watch dramatic serials like Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Honge Judaa Naa Hum. These shows may entertain people but they may highlight some issues like pregnancy before marriage, divorce and second marriage which should not come to the attention of kids.

Horror serials like Fear Files are another significant part of TV Industry which are not only terrifying but can also have an adverse effect on the weak-hearted people. If you’re not daring enough to watch it, better not to watch it!

Some cool stuff to watch on TV:

  1. Movies: Movies give you two to three continuous hours of entertainment with story, direction, songs and acting by various artists. So just change to some movie channel and watch movies of any genre you like, instead of watching dramatic serials.
  2. Mysteries and thrillers: Mysteries and thrillers, apart from being one of the most entertaining genres in TV shows can make your mind work as you watch them.  The suspense in crime mysteries and detective stories in CID type serials keep you focused until you know the truth in the end.
  3. Comedy serials: Laughter proves to be essentially healthy for the heart as well as the mind. You should watch comedy serials comedy circus and laughter challenge. Such serials relieve the stress and also help to curb depression.
  4. Reality shows: TV shows like Indian Idol and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa not only give you the joy of listening to the voice of many great singers but also improve your sense of music. It allows you to analyze the singers and find out the best among them.
  5. News channels: You need to be well-aware of current affairs and latest news. So watch news channels. This way you can improve your general knowledge and communication skills as well. Television is meant for your entertainment!!!  Watch those stuffs which really make some sense!!!

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kartik kumar
kartik kumar
Kartik Kumar is a regular geeky guy until you talk to him and find out his witty sarcasm and sense of humor engaging enough. He loves prolonging his tasks, but claims does Wondering how to shape his career, as his mom finds blogging not a serious career choice! Obsessed with #Dexter (TV show), he is an amazing guitarist and among his many loves, his first love is rock music. Kartik is responsible for many things at the back-end, so if something feels missing, give him a shout.

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