Super Cool Suggestions on How to Look Good in Pictures Always!!


I think we all would love to know the real secrets that how can one look gorgeous in every picture, right? Whenever I flip through the pages of any fashion magazine, my mind goes all red with envy on seeing the models looking best and the best! And I too want that after seeing my pics, people judge me to be beautiful. This is the main reason; I researched and came up with the sexiest suggestions. So girls let us begin following them and ensure that we never look that bad in our pics.

This time I don’t wanna hear you saying – wish I smiled like that or wished I wore that dress! Understood?

  • Smile Gently and Don’t Rush!
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Smile gently and don’t let your eyes shut down completely after you stretch your mouth too much. Relax and wear a genuine smile and with no smile on your face, you could never look good. Keep your mouth slightly open and you will surely loom pretty! Cheers J

  • Avoid Dark Shadows Completely!

Dark shadows on your eyes can make you look darker; it would give an appearance that you were awake all through the night. But you must save yourself from that! How? If you must apply some then choose those shades that make your face look brighter and do not stand beneath the sun as the shadows will make you look lost (with the darkness of picture itself)

  • Stand Tall and Properly!

Remember those times when during your school group photographs how you all were made to stand properly and then smile gently, yes, you need to do exactly the same, but without wearing your school uniform :p When you stand tall and manage your posture then you can surely look pretty and confident.

  • Be a Copy Cat Sometimes….

If you think you need to revamp your style then you can flip through the pages of a magazine and see how those models pose different styles easily. Try some hot poses and see the major transformations. Your FB page would receive many likes and comments for sure 😉

  • Keep your Eyes Open!

Obviously you know, but don’t keep them awake and tense for long before taking photo. Shut them for a while and re-open at the right time. This will help you avoid looking closed eyes in photos!

Keep these tips in mind and make sure you avoid any of the mistakes, you can thank me now!

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