Care for your Styled Hair Easily!!


It is good to embrace the latest trend and so you have styled your mane according to your mind. That is good, but you have more tough miles to cover, what do I mean? Styling your hair is a very easy task but caring for them is not! Your newly re-bonded hair are prone to breakage and other issues, so what should you do! Worry not and check out the easier ways to manage your lovely mane. See what all can be done on regular basis and how can you make them look their best. 🙂

By following the tips I am sure you will grant best care to your tresses… all the best!

  • If you have Re-bonded your Hair!

Hair loss is common for you and hence you need to apply the shampoo designed for the purpose. P.S. Make conditioner your lifelong friend as you mane requires it always. Apart from this:

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Apply leave in serum once you towel dry your hair

Oil your hair properly twice a week and make sure you condition them deeply

Once a week, use natural hair pack, like aloe vera gel, eggs or olive oil

To manage split ends, get your hair trimmed according to the growth

  • If you Have Permed your Hair!

Under this condition, your tresses seem to lose and absorb moisture too quickly and you need to care for the better by following these tips:

Don’t use narrow toothed comb and don’t brush when they are wet

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Let your hair dry naturally without any hair dryer

Shampoo accordingly, like there is no need to wash after every other day

Stay away from products containing alcohol or silicone

  • If you have Crimpled your Hair!

Use a mild shampoo and don’t forget to use a conditioner

Rinse your tresses with cold water and do not be harsh with towel while drying

Avoid crimping your mane too regularly as the excess heat can damage your hair and suck out the necessary moisture

These were few lifestyle changes according to the style you have gone with. Follow them and you can save tons of money by skipping those hush-hush appointments to salon when you see slight damage of hair 🙂

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