6 Awakening Reasons Why Exercising is a Must For Everyone


Most of the time people relate exercise to weight loss when in reality workout or exercises are meant for the well-being of your overall body, which includes the physical appearance as well as the inner functioning. Today I am going to share with you some of the ways in which exercising is good for you apart from losing weight and why you must exercise regularly.

1. Glowing skin- We spend so much money in purchasing expensive creams, lotions and serums just to make our skin look youthful, clear and glowing. But there is one more way to achieve that clear, youthful complexion and i.e. exercising. The people who workout on a regular basis have a clearer skin as compared to people who don’t. if claims are to be believed then a lot of people have observed that their adult acne faded away when they started exercising on a regular basis. This because exercising helps in keeping your hormones under control which is one of the most common reasons for adult acne. Increased heart rate pumps the blood to the skin thus increasing the collagen production and making the skin to glow.

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2. Improves posture- Exercising also helps in improving your posture. The curved back, drooping shoulders, etc. will get corrected automatically with regular exercising. So even if you aren’t overweight, you can still go to the gym or exercise at home in order to get the perfect posture.

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3. Treats insomnia- If you cannot sleep at night even after trying almost everything then probably it’s time to try exercising. Exercising on a regular basis improves the sensitivity to the stress hormone (cortisol) thus making you sleep better and wake up feeling fresh and energised. cortisol is a hormone released when the body is stressed and thus is released at the time of workout as well. But once your body get used to it the quantity of the stress hormone released is reduced.

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4. Stress buster- A lot of people may get stressed after hearing the name of the workout. But what they do not know is the fact that exercising is a great stress buster. Exercising regularly increases the amount norepinephrine, a chemical which improves the response of the brain to stress. Exercising boosts, the production of happy hormones in your body thus improving your self-confidence. The results are much more than a toned body and i.e. a happier and confident you.

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5. Reduces the risk of heart attacks- Heart attack or strokes has become a very common problem especially amongst the middle-aged and older people. By exercising regularly, you are going to indulge in a regular physical activity which is great for the health of your heart. Working out will improve the blood circulation to the heart as well strengthen the muscles of your heart. In fact, studies have proved that regular exercising can reduce the risk of heart attack to 27%.

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6. Get relief from backache- If you are into a desk job which is what most of us are into nowadays then backache is something very normal for you. If you are dealing with the similar problem, then exercising on a regular basis might be the answer to this problem. It helps in easing the spinal pressure. Along with that the flexibility, endurance and posture too get improved which eventually eases the level of pain as well. But if you are dealing with severe back pain make sure to take advice from a trainer before starting any exercise.

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