Top Exercises To Reduce Breast Size!


If you are facing a big breast size issue, there is a list of exercises which can help you reach your desired bust measurement. Unlike lotions, pills and surgeries, these exercises are not just cost-effective, but also do not carry any side-effect.

In this write-up, we have streamlined some of the most effective exercises to reduce your breast size.

Table of Contents

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A. Strength-Training and Cardiovascular Exercises:
1. Bench Press
2. Push-Ups
3. Shoulder Shrugs
4. Upright Rows
5. Shoulder Press
6. Anterior Front Raises
7. Side Raises
8. Pullover
9. Toning Fit
10. Incline Press
11. Hip Shift
12. Wall Press Techniques

B. Can’t Lift Weight? Do These Exercises to Reduce Breast Size
1. Jogging
2. Swimming
3. Climbing Stairs

C. Effective Yoga Poses for Breasts Reduction
1. Sirshasana
2. Tadasana
3. Vrikshasana
4. Padangusthasana
5. Namaskarasana
6. Dhanurasana
7. Ardha Chakrasana or The Half Moon Pose

D. Others: Bikram Yoga Exercises

1. Strength-Training and Cardiovascular Exercises

Practising exercise regularly can reduce the excess fat from your body, including your breasts. Strength-training and cardiovascular exercises target fat which is present in the upper body or chest. These types of exercises are usually done on equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical trainer for approximately 45 minutes. You can also include classic exercises such as bench press and push-ups to tighten up your breast.

1. Bench Press exercise

This exercise is quite beneficial as it helps tone your chest muscles and gives you a perkier and slimmer body. Bench press works on your pectoral muscles, which usually supports your bust and improve your overall fitness level, by increasing the metabolism.

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How to do:
• Lie down on a bench and keep your feet flat on the floor.
• Hold the weight and extend your arms straight up.
• Hold the weight for 2-3 seconds and slowly lower the weights to the starting position.
• Repeat this workout for 3 sets for at least 10 times.

2. Push-Ups

push ups to reduce breast size

This is one of the most vital exercises with varied benefits. It will not only reduce your breast size but also tone them. It will make your curves prominent by reducing the excess flesh around your breasts, making them look more uplifted.

How to Do:
• Lie down on the floor on your stomach.
• Keep your feet close to each other and your hands little wider than shoulder-width apart.
• Lift your body up using your arms, making a 90-degree angle between hands and shoulders.
• Make sure that your body is in a straight line
• Increase your number of repetitions and sets gradually

3. Shoulder Shrugs

shoulder shrugs to reduce breast size

An exercise as simple as just shrugging your shoulders can be an effective exercise to reduce your breast size. It also strengthens your shoulder blades and keeps your back straight.

How to Do:
• Do it with or without dumbbells.
• Stand straight and keep your hands straight in the line of your body.
• Make sure your elbows are straight and your hands are kept alongside your thighs
• Shrug your shoulders up and down. Do not roll them.

4. Upright Rows

upright rows to reduce breast size

This dynamic exercise targets many upper body muscles, including your side muscles, back muscles and front muscles. It can do wonders in reducing and toning the breasts.

How to Do:
• You can perform this exercise with dumbbells to increase its effectiveness.
• Stand straight with your feet apart and hands placed in front of your thighs.
• Giving some pressure to your hands and shoulders, slowly pull them up.
• Further moving them up, take your hands and shoulders to the bottom of your armpit
• Ensure to keep your elbows higher than your hands.

5. Shoulder Press

shoulder press to reduce breast size

Besides helping you give those perky breasts, shoulder press also increases the strength of your core muscles. This exercise works up the shoulder, back and side muscles of your upper body. But, reaping all its benefits would require real motivation and hard-work.

How to Do:
• You can do it by standing straight or sitting on a firm seat.
• Lift the dumbbells up to the level of your ears such that your elbows make a 180- degree straight line.
• Now, lift the weight straight up and stay still for 2 to 3 seconds.
• Come back to your starting position.
• Do 4 to 8 reps and you surely will have the perfect breast size

6. Anterior Front Raises

anterior front raises to reduce breast size

As engaging as this exercise is, it is highly effective in reducing breast size. It works on the edges and sidelines of the breasts and improves the shape of the breast too.

How to Do:
• Stand straight with dumbbells in both the hands.
• Lift one hand up with weight being in front of your face and your arm extending straight.
• When raised, slow down a bit, take a pause and then lower the arm.
• Repeat the same with the other arm.

7. Side Raises

This seemingly simple exercise works on your back, shoulders, arms, neck. It also strengthens your core. If done correctly, this exercise can give you that most desired breast size and shape.

How to Do:
• Stand straight with dumbbells in both the hands, touching the sides of your thighs.
• Lift both the arms in opposite direction, such that they make a right angle with your chest.
• Now, lower the arms and bring them close to the sides of your thighs.
• Repeat the exercise and do 3 to 8 reps.

8. Pullover

This is an effective exercise which can be done easily with some patience. This exercise work for two muscles, that is, the back and the chest muscles. Working on these muscles at the same time helps in improving the body posture and reducing the breast size.

How to do:
• Lie your back on a gym ball and start the workout with light weights by keeping your legs apart.
• Lift the weights slowly and position them above your head, by stretching your hands and hold it for a few seconds.
• Now, slowly bring your hands back to the normal position.
• Repeat this exercise for at least 4-5 times.

9. Toning Fit

It is probably one of the simplest exercises for breast reduction, which do not include any heavy weights or gym equipment. It burns the excess fat from the body and gives you perfect bust shape and figure.

How to do:
• Lie down on a yoga mat and bend your elbows.
• Now raise your head and body upward.
• Make an arch position of your spinal cord and pull the stomach muscles, by bending backwards.
• Come back to your normal position slowly and steadily.

10. Incline Press:

This exercise is quite imperative for breast reduction, as it works on the muscles which are beneath the bust. It lifts the breasts and helps them tighten up and thereby makes them look reduced in size.

How to do:
• Lie down on an incline bench, with your back straight.
• Extend your arms and hold the weight or dumbbells straight above your head.
• Bring down the weight or dumbbells towards your breast.
• Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times with 3 sets.

11. Hip Shift

hip shift to reduce breast size

Although this exercise takes time to show its effects, the results are worth all the time and efforts. Some may think of it to work only on the hips. But, this exercise also works up the muscles around your breasts, thus reducing their size and giving them an attractive look.

How to Do:
• Stand straight with your arms extended forward.
• Lock your palms together.
• Release your index finger and inhale.
• While you inhale, lower your hips to the right side.
• Exhale and return to your original position.
• Repeat in the left side.
• Do 4-8 reps to reap its benefits.

12. Wall Press Technique

wall press technique to reduce breast size

This is a simple exercise that acts on the chest muscles and can give you the desired breasts with just little efforts.

How to Do:
• Stand facing a wall about one arm length away
• Your feet should be shoulder-width apart
• Place your palms on the wall, at the height of your shoulder
• Inhale and lower yourself towards the wall by bending your elbows
• Hold this position for a few seconds
• Exhale and come back to your starting position

B. Can’t lift weights? Do These Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

Has your doctor asked you to not lift weights? Don’t stress it out. There are a bunch of exercises, which have no weight-lifting involved in them. Good news is, some of these exercises are even more effective than the ones you read above. Aerobic exercises are one such example of it which speed up your metabolism and helps in reducing your overall fat from the body. Once you start losing fat from your body, it automatically reduces the size of your breasts too. Exercises such as climbing, cycling and a brisk walk not only keep your body fit and active but it also helps in breast reduction. Doing such exercises for 30 minutes, for at least 4-5 times a week, you can burn your body fat.

1. Jogging

jogging to reduce breast size

Jogging needs no convincing when it comes to its benefits. From making your heart healthy to keeping your joints fit, jogging also keeps your breasts lifted and toned.

2. Swimming

swimming to reduce breast size

Fond of swimming? If yes, add one more benefit to your list. Swimming works up your chest and shoulder muscles, hence explaining why it’s considered one of the most effective exercise to reduce the breast size. It also improves the shape of your breasts, making them look perkier.

3. Climbing Stairs

Looking for the easiest exercise to reduce the breast size? Something that doesn’t require a jogging park or a swimming pool? You are at the right place. Just climb up and down the stairs, at least 15 to 20 times a day. Say NO to elevators.

C. Yoga Poses for Breast Reduction

Practising yoga poses on a regular basis helps in maintaining physical and mental well-being. What’s more, you can reduce the size of the breasts easily by doing yoga at home. Yoga doesn’t pose any injury, this is considered the safest way to reduce the breast size and keep your body active all day long. Let’s see some effective yoga poses and their step-by-step instructions for breasts reduction.

1. Sirshasana

The word “Sirsha” refers to head and this yoga is done by performing the headstand. This yoga exercise helps in improving the shape of the body by keeping it firm and steady. It also helps in breast reduction and thereby improving the body posture too.

How to Do

• Bend your knees and make a triangle with your hands by placing them against the wall.

• Interlock your fingers and open your palms.
• Place your head between the palms and move back and forth to get a neutral upside-down position of your body.
• Now, after getting the neutral position of your body, take away some pressure from your forearms.
• Balance your body upside down for a minute and then slowly come back to your normal position.
• This might take a long time to get the correct posture, however, with a little practice, you can do it rightly.

2. Tadasana

It is often referred to “Palm tree pose” and is usually performed by standing straight on the floor. It is considered as the mother of asanas and is an essential breast reduction exercise.

How to Do

• Stand straight on the floor by keeping your hands by the side of the body.
• Join your fingers and lift your arms straight above your head.
• Breathe in and stand on your toes, by stretching the whole body upward.
• Keep the body stretched for some time, by keeping control of body posture. Slowly come down to your normal position.
• Repeat this exercise for at least 10 times.

3. Vrikshasana

Vriksh means tree, therefore this yoga is quite simple, as you have to stand upright as a tree. If you are looking for the simplest exercise to reduce your bust size, then Vrikshasana is the best yoga to practice regularly.

How to Do

• Stand straight on the floor. Keep your spine straight and keep your feet together.
• Bring your arms opposite your chest in a “namaskar” position.
• Bend your right leg and touch your left knee.
• Stand still for a couple of minutes and repeat the pose by altering the sides of the legs.

4. Padangusthasana

It is often called as toe-to-hand pose that involves proper body posture and balance. This yoga will give you desired shape and size of the breasts and will keep your body toned and active.

How to Do

• Stand straight and move your body weight onto the correct leg.
• Carry the left leg above the ground level and grasp your toe with the left hand.
• Make correct body posture while standing, by keeping your spinal cord and shoulders straight.
• Stay still for a minute and slowly bring your leg down and repeat the pose on the other side.

5. Namaskarasana

prayer pose to reduce breast size

This asana will create a pressure on the back of your neck and is often termed as “reverse prayer pose”. This yoga helps in lifting the breasts, thus making them look noticeably smaller in size.

How to Do

• Squat on the floor by keeping your knees apart.
• Now join your hands together and bring them opposite to your chest.
• Then, move your arms backward by breathing in and keep your knees wide open. Soon, you’ll feel the pressure on your back.
• While practising this pose, keep in mind that your head should be bent in the forward direction and the body should be stiff.

6. Dhanurasana

This is also called as bow pose, which helps in strengthening your back and uplift your front body and keep both of them toned. Women having spinal or disc problem should avoid this yoga pose. This yoga pose reduces the size of the breasts easily and quickly.

How to Do

• Lie on your front first and stretch your body.
• Hold your ankles with your hands and bend your knees.
• Hold this position for a minute and slowly come back to your normal position.
• Repeat this pose for at least 5-10 times.
• This is an exceptional yoga pose for breasts reduction.

7. Ardha Chakrasana or The Half Moon Pose

half moon pose to reduce breast size

It is one of the greatest yoga poses to reduce your breast size. It also comes with an added advantage of relaxing your mind and de-stressing yourself.

How to Do:
• Place your left hand resting on your hip, thus taking the position of Trikonasana.
• Bend your right knee and move a bit forward.
• Move your right hand in forward direction, stretching it a few inches away from your right leg.
• Now, exhale and make a firm grip of your right hand and right heel on floor.
• Slowly lift your left leg parallel to the floor and raise your left hand.
• Maintain this pose for a few seconds, without giving much stress to your backbone.
• Come back to your original position and do a few reps.

D. Others: Bikram Yoga Exercises

bikram yoga exercises to reduce breast size

This yoga includes 26 postures and 2 breathing techniques, which not just challenge you physically and mentally, but can also play a great role in reducing your breast size. It is advised to follow these exercises with the help of a trainer only and for maximum 90 minutes, in a room heated to 105°F (40.6°C), with a humidity of 40%.

Now it’s time for you to practice all these exercises and reduce your breast size easily. Feel free to add any comments or suggestions in the comment section below.

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