White Onion Health Benefits: Super food to beat the Heat of This Summer


Onion is normally found in the Indian kitchen. It is used in preparation of salads, curries, and more. This vegetable is a store house of various minerals, vitamins, and important plant compounds that promote health in different ways. The medicinal properties of white onions have been known since the ancient times, when these were often used to treat problems like heart disease, headaches, and mouth sores.

Some of the health benefits of white onions are:

Manages the blood sugar levels


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Compounds like Sulphur and Chromium present in the white onions helps in lowering the blood and regulating the blood sugar. Studies have proven that controlled and regular consumption of white onions is helpful in people suffering from prediabetes or diabetes. In addition, compounds found in onions, such as Sulphur and quercetin, have antidiabetic effects.

Has cancer-fighting property


Allium vegetables called as white onions have flavonoid antioxidants and Sulphur compounds which have cancer-fighting properties. Onions also contain quercetin, fisetin and flavonoid antioxidants which prevent the growth of tumors.

Improves the digestive health


White onions are a prosperous source of prebiotics and fiber which helps in improving the gut health .Onions are rich in the fructooligosaccharides and prebiotic inulin and on regular consumption, these compounds help in increasing the number of friendly bacteria in the gut.



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White onions improve the bone density in older women. It has also been pointed out that eating white onion boosts the antioxidant levels, helps in reducing the oxidative stress, and reduces the loss of bone, which boosts bone density and helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Keeps your heart healthy


White onions contain compounds and antioxidants which decrease triglycerides, fight inflammation, and reduce the levels of cholesterol thereby improving the heart health. The anti-inflammatory properties of white onions protect against the blood clots and help in reducing the high blood pressure.

Has anti-inflammatory properties


The high quantity of Sulphur present in onions is an efficient anti-inflammatory agent. White onion is loaded with selenium, which helps in reducing the inflammation and triggers the immune function.

Boosts the immune system


Selenium presence in the white onions makes this vegetable very effective for maintaining good immunity. Selenium plays an important role in the management of allergic conditions and viral infections.

Improves the quality of sleep


Studies suggest white onions help in improving the sleep quality owing to the presence of L-tryptophan, which is a form of amino acid which further acts as natural sedative. It also aids in a good sleep and helps in reducing the level of stress.

Good for your hair health


White onion juice is an effective home remedy for preventing the loss of hair. This juice is very beneficial for restoring the shine of hair and helps in preventing the premature greying of hair and dandruff.

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