10 Surefire Tricks to Gain Weight!


Cheeseburgers, pizzas, chocolate bars! So you have the privilege to binge on all these finger-licking-mouth-watering junk without registering an extra kilo to your body weight, sounds amazing, isn’t it? While your friends and family may envy your slim figure, but little do people know how embracing a lanky frame actually feels like! Being scrawny myself, I very well realize how desperately you want to embrace a sonsy figure when your favorite dress makes you look stick thin. You feel a twitch in your heart, every time you stand in front of the mirror, perhaps you want to feel less gangly.

10 Surefire Tricks to Gain Weight!

You, my dear are one of those five to ten percent people who desperately need to put on some meat on their bones. Gaining weight can however be quite challenging, especially when the world is full of weight loss tips. Here are top 10 tips to help you gain weight safely and fast!

1 – Plan Your Goal Weight

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Have a goal weight in mind and then plan accordingly.  Plan your diet, how much muscle weight you want, the time period, all the exercises you will be doing, the supplements you need, if any.

2 – Get Counting!

If you are trying to gain weight, you need to increase your calorie intake. Eat around 500-1000 calories more than you consume; it’s the basic step to gain weight fast. But remember, calories don’t means fats and sugars, go for healthy diet!

3 – Cut Down Junk!!

Agreed, that you have a good metabolism, but that does not mean that you gorge down unhealthy junk all the time. Always eat calorie dense foods; you may swap nuts with popcorn, grapes with raisins.

4 – Drink More

Drink at least two to three liters of water a day. It’s not water alone that serves to hydrate you, switch to calorie rich foods such as soy milk, fruit juices, smoothies and fruits shakes.

5 – Snacks between Meals

Indulge darling, indulge in lots of healthy snacks in between meals, when the rest of the world is cutting down snacks, you need to pack on nuts, fruit salads

6 – The 70/20/10 Diet

Well, there is no strict rule, but 70% of your daily calorie intake should comprise of proteins such as lean meat, eggs fish and milk, 20% calories should come from carbs such as potatoes, rice oats and whole grains and the remaining 10% should be healthy fats like peanut butter and cheese.

7 – Snack Before You Hit the Sack

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Eating a small nutritious snack, right before you sleep can help you to gain weight fast since our metabolisms are slow when we sleep.

8 – Stimulate Your Appetite with Wine

Alcoholic beverages are proven to stimulate appetite. A small glass of wine, taken only in moderation before you have your meal can help you gain weight.

9 – Starches

Sweet potatoes, corn and peas are all starchy vegetables that provide more calories than the leafy ones. Gorge on whole grain foods rich in carbohydrates as they have plenty of fiber and nutrition, offer more calories and help you to gain weight fast.

10 – Lift weights

Lean muscles weight more than fat, therefore weight training is crucial part of your body sculpting spree. Try weightlifting about 3-4 times a week, and also make sure that you do it correctly, take professional help if needed.

Just like it takes time and effort to lose weight, healthy weight gains needs time too. Try the above tips and soon you will notice success crowning your efforts!

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