Do Makhanas Help In Losing Weight? Healthy Ways to Eat These for Weight Loss


Fox nuts or normally identified as makhanas are a healthy option for losing weight. Roasted makhanas are eaten by every Indian family. It is a crunchy and salty treat which comes from a plant which is called Euryale Fox, which grows in water.

Makhanas are low in calories and fat while being high in fiber. One serving can be quite filling due to their high fiber content, which helps keep you full for longer periods, reducing overall calorie intake.

Healthy ways of eating makhana


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Many people eat fox nuts kheer at home. You could choose a low calorie healthy way of eating makhanas if you are looking to loose weight.

Following are the healthy ways of consuming makhana for the weight loss:

Makhana curry


With a tomato paste and simple onion, makhanas combine well in a yummy curry. You can always use the choice of spices and herbs for the same. Makhana curry is a healthy and easy way of eating fox nuts at home for weight loss.

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Flavored makhana


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Flavored makhanas can be made easily at home in a healthy way. You can also add a variety of nuts such as cashews, peanuts, and almonds to makhanas to add more nutrition, flavor, and health benefits. Make sure that adding spices like turmeric and pepper contributes towards weight loss.

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Dry the roasted makhana in desi ghee


It is not generally advised to eat the plain makhanas since they require a bit of cooking, and that us usually the healthier and most common way of consuming makhanas. Try to not get the roasted fox nuts from the market since they are too salty.

You can also roast them with a few drops of desi ghee and less salt at home. Just obtain a pan and always roast the fox nuts for a few minutes on the average heat. Have them with coffee or tea.

Makhanas can serve as a healthier alternative to high-calorie snacks like chips or cookies. Roasted makhanas without added oil or salt can be a nutritious, crunchy snack that satisfies cravings without contributing to weight gain.

However, it’s important to remember that while makhanas can be part of a weight loss-friendly diet, the overall success in losing weight depends on various factors such as overall diet quality, portion sizes, physical activity, and individual metabolism. Eating makhanas alone won’t guarantee weight loss; it should be part of a well-rounded, balanced diet along with regular exercise for effective weight management.

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