8 Ways to Lighten Yourself Up After a Heavy Meal!


We’ve all been there. Eaten way beyond our capacity. We just can’t say NO to food, or can we? Paneer tikka, chilli paneer, blueberry cupcakes and what not. You wonder how your tiny tummy had the space to fit them all. And therefore, you found your new superpower- eat everything you see.
And it is obvious. The festive week has started. Over piling the food is a common affair. What happens after that is bloating to a great degree. In this post, we will tell you some magical ways to nullify the excess chomps you had.

1. Water
Water is the best and fool-proof way to flush the toxins out of your body. Have a lot of water the next day to get the dirty things out of your body. It will increase your digestion and reduce the bloating.

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2. Green Tea
Green tea’s popularity has gained a lot of momentum among the fitness freaks. It is rich in antioxidants. Some even term green tea as a bath from inside. It controls your blood sugar and curbs the cravings.

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3. Greek Yogurt with Berries
Have a bowl of low-fat Greek yogurt topped with berries to detoxify your body after an overindulgent evening. Add some seasonal fruits on top of it. The good bacteria in Greek yogurt soothes your bloating gut.

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4. Coconut Water
If you’ve overdosed on alcohol, then there can’t be a better way than coconut water to rehydrate yourself. Have multiple glasses of coconut water the next morning. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes which is much needed after a hangover. Potassium also reduces the bloating.

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5. Water-Rich Fruits
Munch on fruits like watermelon, grapes, pineapples and mangoes to reduce the bloating. These watery fruits will replenish the lost electrolytes and will add fibre to your gut. This will ease your digestion. The minerals and the vitamins in the fruits will kick-start your day with a boost.

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6. Oatmeal
It is the smartest breakfast option after a night full of junkies. It is rich in fibre and lighter for your stomach. You can add some diced pears on the top of your oatmeal. You can also add some banana to replenish the potassium in your body.

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7. Peppermint Tea
If you’ve been experiencing cramps due to overeating, then peppermint tea can help you a great deal. It is antispasmodic. It releases muscle cramps and let the gas out of your body. Peppermint tea is free from caffeine, so you don’t have to worry about your caffeine intake.

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8. Omelette
If you were feeling dizzy and drunk, then prepare an omelette for yourself in the breakfast. Eggs are rich in proteins. They help in breaking down of alcoholic content in the blood. Add the healthy veggies like peas, broccoli and tomatoes to help in digestion.

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