What Is Chakra Meditation? Know Its Physical And Emotional Benefits


The process through which the mind tries to stabilize itself is known as Chakra meditation. It is an infallible option to provide stability to the mind. The routine practice of chakra meditation cycle can give health wellness and vitality. As per the Yoga tradition, when the chakras are open, energy circulates throughout the body. But when the chakras are blocked, the internal energy is evolved, but the relationship between mind, soul and body is not established. When someone focuses on the chakra meditation cycle, the spiritual knowledge is attained. It is the first step towards spiritual life. Due to regular practice of chakra meditation cycles, the energy communication becomes independent and the strong connection is generated between the mind and body. As per Yoga Shastra, the chakra meditation cycle can be classified into seven energy sources.

Chakras are energy centres or focal points or life sources for meditation within the body. It can visualize the energy resembling discs or Lotus flowers with its petals and colours. It is believed that there are hundreds of energy centres in the body. But there are seven main chakra centres and each centre is related to different levels like emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. The chakra meditation cycle, known as the name of Sapta Chakra, is as follows:

  • Root Chakra
  • Navel Chakra
  • Solar plexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra
  • Throat Chakra
  • Third Eye cycle
  • Crown Chakra

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1. Root chakra


Root chakra supports the stability, security and grounding. The regular practice of Root chakra could boost a sense of emotional stability, security in the physical world and making you feel safe. It improves mental strength, vitality, individuality and Courage.

2. Navel chakra


You could feel committed, pleasurable, passionate, creative and able to enjoy life if this chakra is optimally balanced. It also releases lower back pain and support reproductive or fertility issues.

3. Solar plexus


It supports to feel optimistic, assertive, self-compassionate, calm and confident if this chakra is optimally balanced. Meditation of this chakra aid creates a happy image of himself or herself and builds the confidence for those people who have less willpower and fear of physical appearance as well as rejection. Regular practice of this chakra can get rid of such issues.

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4. Heart chakra


It enhances to feel joy, love, compassion, gratitude, and peace if this chakra is optimally balanced. The regular practice of heart chakra aids to deal with heart, self-love, anger, forgiveness, bitterness, jealousy and fear of loneliness. This chakra also takes care of breast issues, heart problems, asthma, lymphatic systems and many more.

5. Throat chakra


You could feel truthful and honest, free to articulate your thoughts, if this chakra is optimally balanced. Regular practice of this chakra will emotionally make you strong to express your views.

6. Third eye chakra


This chakra once optimally balanced, we feel clear and can differentiate between truth and illusion. It helps us in the art of self-reflection, confusion and inability to think the other’s points of view.

7. Crown chakra


This chakra helps one tackle any issues like self-knowledge and power, fear, anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction.

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