What Is Fonio? Know The Health Benefits


Fonio is an African grain which was originally cultivated in West Africa and it is their staple food.  It is found in very small areas of India, including Khasi hills. This cereal is mostly found in the mountainous areas such as Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and Nigeria. Fonio is also known as acha, iburura and hungry rice. In some areas of Togo, it is used to prevent blood clotting after childbirth because it is a good source of iron and also stimulates the milk production in the mother. It is loaded with several essential nutrients like micro vitamins and provides many health benefits to the body.

It is considered as a healthy food because it offers a wide range of health benefits. This grain is enriched with fiber, vitamin D and Fe which makes it beneficial for the body. It can be consumed by everyone, including children, adults and the elderly by considering it as a healthy meal.

Fonio contains low amounts of sodium, cholesterol and fats. It contains good amounts of protein that helps to get a healthy body. The 30 grams of raw Fonio contains Calories: 150, Fats: 0.5 grams, Protein: 2 grams and Fiber: 1 gram.

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It is loaded with various essential nutrients that possess numerous health benefits. These nutrients are given below.

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1. Loaded with Vitamin D


Reduced levels of vitamin D are common in diabetic people. Therefore, consuming fonio in several ways can conveniently boost Vitamin D in the body and which is good for diabetics with such benefit too. So, this natural fonio is a rich source of vitamin D as well.

2. Low glycemic index


Fonio is considered as one of the best foods for diabetic people because of an added advantage of low glycemic index. Incorporation of Fonio in the diet can aid in managing diabetes and maintaining blood glucose levels. Therefore, having a low glycemic index makes fonio an extraordinary diabetic friendly food. Fonio is also enriched with vitamin C too.

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3. Helps weight loss


Fonio is also helpful in weight loss programs because it is loaded with high fiber. This food can be easily digested and it would not contain much complex fiber which is harmful for the body. The fiber aids in keeping you full and satiate, thus playing a crucial role in the weight loss journey. It can keep you energetic throughout the day due to the presence of Vitamin B1, B3 and Fe.

4. High in iron


A balanced diet is always necessary for a healthy growth and protection from various diseases. Therefore, it is important to incorporate iron rich foods in the meal. Fonio is loaded with iron which is good for red blood cells (RBC) and hemoglobin formation. Due to the presence of high iron content, it is considered as beneficial food for pregnant women and their offspring.

In addition, this extraordinary food contains some other health benefits that include enhancing brain power, supporting cardiovascular health and enhancing the immune system.

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