Workout Routine For Women Trying To Gain Weight


Every woman dreams to have a perfect body shape and weight. For skinny women gaining weight is a difficult task irrespective of the hours you put on the workout. Merely eating fats and a high-calorie diet will not be helpful to put on weight but a proper exercise regime is also very much essential to boost the weight gain process. Both men and women will need to make some lifestyle changes if they want to gain weight. The percentage of muscle-building hormone is low in women as compared to men. By following an appropriate workout program you can increase muscle mass and can gain weight. Here are some of the workout schedule tips for women who are trying to gain weight.

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1. Exercise By Using Weights


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You require to hunt down the lean muscle for weight gain by doing regular exercise mostly by using weights. Take guidance from a fitness coach who can guide you in the right direction. Biceps curls, bench press, chest fly, overhead press, deadlift, squats with weights, and pushups are some of the exercisesthat work effectively on larger muscle groups & thereby facilitate uniform fat distribution.

2. Limit Cardio


You should give more emphasis on strength training to gain weight. Aerobic and cardio exercises are also important but these will help you in burning more calories and thereby you may lose more weight. Therefore you should give less time to such exercise.

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3. Increase Calorie Intake


Due to genetic makeup, many women don’t gain weight. You can’t change your genetic makeup but you can gain weight by increasing your daily calorie intake. You should avoid eating a lot of saturated fat.

4. Emphasis More On Food Groups

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You should be choosierwhile selecting a food for fast results. You should get 20 to 40 percent of your daily calories through proteins. You can get this by having a protein-rich diet like fish, chicken breast, eggs, and milk. Apart from this your 30 to 40 percent of your daily calorie intake from carbohydrates like brown rice, potatoes, whole grains, oats, pasta, sweet corn, black beans, and broccoli. Also include nuts, avocados, and oils in your daily diet to fulfill the intake of 30 percent of your total calories in the form of unsaturated fats.

5. Make A Proper Meal Plan


You need to follow a precise diet plan if you want to have a buff physique. Make a habit of eating six times a day for proper absorption of nutrients. Eating at regular intervals will not only help you in weight but will also help in gaining weight.

6. Get A Good Night’s Sleep


A good sleep at night is just as important as having a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Taking atleast eight hoursof sleep every night is very important if you want to gain weight. During sleep, your body will get recharged and become ready for your next workout.

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