Amazing Reasons Why You Must Eat Mangoes This Season


The summer season is also called the mango season. Mango is a juicy and delicious fruit which a person cannot afford to miss out in summer. Apart from the pleasant taste, mango also provides a person with many health benefits. This fruit of summer is packed with nutrients which boosts health in many ways. Being low in calories and high in fibre, mangoes are really perfect for the weight loss diet also.

Health benefits of Mango

Helpful for weight watchers and diabetics


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Mango has a low GI score as a result it is secure for diabetics to eat mangoes. As per the Ganeriwal, mango not only being safe for the diabetics but also highly recommended since it delivers the sustained energy without increasing the sugar levels of blood.

Mango is weight loss fruit also since it is cholesterol and fat-free, and it does not make a person fat even if being eaten on a daily basis. It is also laden with the soluble fibre which keeps a person satisfied for a longer duration of time.

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It is Beneficial in PCOD


As per Ganeriwal, mangoes are very rich in the vitamin B6. It reduce the PMS and helps in regulating the hormones

Improves thyroid conditions and blood pressure


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Mangoes are rich in nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C and potassium, which help in improving the blood pressure. Magnesium present in mango is beneficial for those people who are suffering from issues related to thyroid.

Aids in digestion


Mangoes are laden with water content and dietary fibre which helps in keeping the digestion very healthy. Fibre prevents constipation and ensures the healthy movement of bowel. This juicy fruit contains the digestive enzymes as well. Thus a person who eats mangoes for healthy well being.

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