What Do Experts Say on Home Isolation for Covid Positive Children


With no vaccines being planned for the children amid rising numbers of COVID-19 cases across the globe in the history of two months, the best answer to it is to be more severe with the safety measures as per the health care experts.

Tips to supervise the Covid in children


Following are the useful tips which can be followed to supervise the Covid in caregivers and children:

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Always Keep the Covid positive youngster in a fully ventilated room with an attach toilet

Keep the youngster from pregnant women, elderly, and children

Appoint a dedicated and skilled caregiver

Keep the child hydrated with plenty fluid especially water

Newborn babies can be breastfed when the mother follows proper routine of hand hygiene routine and wears a mask

When needed, Covid-19 positive mother gives the expressed milk to child through the caregiver

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Limit the social gatherings and visitors should be restricted to enter in the house

Separate food utensils and linen for the child and keep them at a certain distance from others

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Guidelines for caregivers of Covid positive kids


Always wear the surgical masks every time and change every 6-8 hours

Avoid contacting the body fluid of the Covid positive child, be it stool, oral or respiratory secretions

Use mask and disposable gloves to manage the body fluids

Clean the clothes of Covid patient, towels and linen, by using a regular detergent in machine wash and hot water at 60-90°C

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Guidelines of the Hand hygiene


Strictly follow the hand hygiene measures

Wash the hands properly after and before after removing mask and gloves

Clean the visible dirty hands with water and soap

Use the sanitizer which is alcohol-based frequently

Dispose the masks, gloves, and other wastes in dustbin

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