Seasonal Allergies: Tips to Stay Fit This Season


With a weather change, it is very essential to make changes in lifestyle and diet. It helps in preventing the potential diseases which affect a person due to the change in weather. A person adds certain foods to the diet and keeps the immune system very healthy to stop diseases. Seasonal allergy is the common issue being faced by many people. Fortunately, it can be prevented effectively with the right nutrition.

Diet tips for cyclic allergy


Starting a day with the coconut oil


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As per Batra, start the day with a coconut oil tablespoon on an empty stomach. Coconut oil contains healthy fats which can boost a person’s health in many ways. It also contains antimicrobial properties. As per the studies, coconut oil is beneficial to the health of the heart.

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Obtain amla-ginger shot each day


Ginger is an ordinary ingredient being found in the Indian kitchen. It is often used in tea preparation. Ginger also contains gingerol which has influential therapeutic property. It acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent particularly when matching with vitamin C. The nutritionist suggests having an amla and ginger shot every day. Take one teaspoon ginger juice and 30 ml of fresh amla juice in the morning but do not drink the tea after this. This mixture offers a good dose of vitamin C and goodness of ginger as well.

Include the bee pollen


As per Batra eating the bee pollen helps in declining and also inhibiting the commencement of masses, which is an important step in the prevention of allergies. But always make sure a person is sourcing it locally since it helps in creating the resistance to the pollen since a person is allergic in the ecosystem.

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Also add these superfoods to the diet and keep away the seasonal allergies

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