What to Do if You Tested Negative But Still Show COVID-19 Symptoms?


COVID-19 cases are rising all over the world every day. This plague started last year and it is rising day by day with the second wave. The people being exaggerated by the Coronavirus are further crossing limits in India. The cases are increasing with pace in states like Delhi and Maharashtra. In fact, the Delhi chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal recently announced lockdown in Delhi as of 10pm tonight till 5am for the next Monday morning. The city recorded 23,500 Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours.

It is vital to obtain necessary precautions which include social distancing, wearing masks, and usage of sanitizers to further protect from this virus. If you experience COVID-19, then it becomes significant to visit a doctor. In recent times, there are quite a lot of cases where patients show the clinical symptoms of Covid-19 and are tested negative for the virus.

Why is a person being tested negative with the COVID-19 symptoms?


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As per the Dr. Prabhat Maheshwari, RT-PCR test is sure only in 70 % cases so is not positive in every case. It is important that when a person is undergoing the test, and if being done after 7-8 days it comes out to be negative. So, that’s the reason the person might be suffering from Covid disease and the covid test still comes out to be negative.

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What to accomplish with COVID-19 symptoms if a person tests negative?


Depending on the disease severity, if symptoms are mild, then take care of yourself and take further rest and keep monitoring if there is any symptoms development. If the disease is getting worsened and a person is experiencing breathing difficulties, then a person needs to be admitted. And in that scenario, Chest’s CT scan is done.

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