How Are Your Body And Mind Affected When You Don’t Eat Enough Food?


Our body needs three balanced and proper meals a day to be healthy mentally and physically. Many people neglect their meals very frequently. This is due to dieting or hectic lifestyle. People follow craze diets very blindly to get slim down to a shape. Skipping the meals is by no means a healthy option.

Following are the common signs when a person is not eating enough.

Fluctuations in blood sugar (Low Energy)


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The moment a person eats, the body starts converting the crabs to glucose to provide the energy. Our body needs constant glucose supply to function correctly. When a person starves, his/her is rundown with glucose, which results in the decreasing blood sugar levels which can cause low energy levels, headaches, and sluggishness. It also makes concentrating much difficult over the particular task. Fluctuating sugar levels in the blood leads to various heart diseases in the long run.

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Starvation simply means that the body is rundown with nutrients, including fibre. Grudging the body of fibre will ultimately lead to constipation. Your stools will become infrequent and hard as the food intake amount reduces.



When a person starves, his body burns a fat as an alternative to glucose to provide energy. As the insulin point dips, the body goes overdrive and increases the creation of an enzyme known as orexin, which gives a temporary energy. During starvation, the brain signals the body to ooze excess adrenaline, further making it hard for a person to fall asleep.

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Hair Loss


Our hair is generally made of protein. But it needs iron, calcium, and monounsaturated fatty acids to stay healthy. Grudging the body will further make the hair scalp dry further loosening up the hair follicles thereby, resulting in excessive loss of hair loss.

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