Experiencing a Loss of Appetite? Know its Symptoms and Causes


Hunger loss occurs along with thoughts such as nausea or fatigue. If a particular individual is tense about the loss of appetite, it is best to consult the doctor, and ask in detail about every possible sign. So, following are the major symptoms of the appetite loss:

Weight loss


The most early and common early symptom of appetite loss is the weight loss further leading to the malnutrition. It is important to get rapid checkup aid since the poor hunger of a person could be the result of alcohol, depression, or an eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

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Loss of fatigue and taste


In cases, people suffer from taste loss as a symptom of appetite loss. Weakness and Fatigue in the body comes along since a person is not eating properly and not captivating the proper nutrients brings the fatigue feeling in a person.

What causes appetite loss?


Several health conditions are the cause of a decrease in appetite. In many cases, a person’s appetite becomes normal once the fundamental condition is treated. So, following are the major cause of appetite loss:

1. Viruses or Bacteria    


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It is the most common cause of appetite loss. If the cause is a viral or bacterial infection, then the person will not require appropriate medicinal treatment for symptoms as appetite comes back to normal once the infection gets treated.

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2. Certain medications


An appetite loss is a major side effect of medicines, along with digestive issues, such as diarrhea or constipation. This problem occurs when medication passes through the stomach of a person and the digestive tract. Medicines which usually cause appetite loss are antibiotics, sedatives, , immunotherapy and chemotherapy for the best possible results.

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