Get Feisty, Get Creative- Feminine Yet Sensational Nail Art Designs


Aloha girls….today’s post, I figured, must be in celebration of girl power and Nail art, two of the awesomest things we lovely ladies have been blessed with. I am pretty low maintenance but my flatmate loves flaunting her nail art skills so partially she also inspired me to write this post. Well, these days, she’s been flaunting the Vivienne Westwood Ombre Nails styled with a Christmas theme. Christmas is so much fun…regardless of the number and sizes of gifts I receive, I just love this time of the year…along with Diwali.

Get Feisty, Get Creative

The market is so nicely decked up with adornments and the everywhere there’s nostalgic 80s and 90s Christmas songs (George Michael’s last Christmas is my favorite). So, anyway, today I have lined up some really amazing Christmas themed nail art designs that you can pull off at office, parties and home dinners.

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 Get Fesity Get creative

Go, get’em girl!

 Get Fesity Get creative

This is the easiest and quick Christmas nail art design as you just need to paint your nails with varnish and apply the stickers onto them.

This is Nail art Mastery Level # 2. Beginners must seek assistance as it requires some drawing with nail paint brushes. Lazy peeps like me just go with the stickers.

This is for the ladies who don’t exactly want to rock patterns in a festive theme. The Aztec patterns can be easily made with custom stencils and base is hot red nail paint. It’s perfectly suitable for feisty parties.

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This one is a special edition for school goers and French manicure lovers. It’s charming, kiddish yet so feminine and sensual and it’s got Glitttter!:D Besides, it’s really easy to apply. For some more added feminine christmasy feistiness

Go Brat girl go!

 Get Fesity Get creative

Got Swag! 😛 

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