Why Litchi Is Considered An Excellent Summer Fruit?


Litchi has alike look to that of strawberry and it is extensively known for its pearl-white jelly pulp which has the amazing combined flavour of sugars and acids. The fruit helps in preventing many conditions which mostly occurs during the summer such as dehydration and sunburn due to its rich dietetic profile.

Few essential vitamins in litchi includes vitamin K, B1, B2, B3, C, and E; and minerals such as sodium, calcium, and potassium

In the following article, it is being discussed why litchi is an excellent summer fruit:

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Soothes the skin


The high water content in the litchi pulp helps in soothing the skin and prevents the summer skin problems such as redness or itchiness. The two excellent skin vitamins are: Vitamin C and Vitamin E and are also present in the fruit which helps in maintaining the skin elasticity, improving the skin texture, and the skin health.

Heals sunburn


Sunburn is a widespread summer problem. Litchi is excellent B-complex vitamins source such as B1, B2 and antioxidants such as vitamin C and oligonol. These nutrients help in protecting the skin from the UV rays of sun and further promote the flow of blood to the skin cells.

Hydrates the body


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As per the USDA, the water content present in 100 g litchi is 81.76 g. Litchi is filled with water and helps in maintaining the body hydrated for a long duration of time during summers. LIchi helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance of body and prevents nausea and headache.

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Helps in weight loss


Weight loss during the season of summer is a very difficult process. Excessive sweating during the summer helps in burning the calories of body; it also causes loss of vital electrolytes and leads to dehydration.

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