4 Cooling Herbal Iced Teas for summer with Recipes


In the following article, lists of cooling and healthy herbs from which iced teas can be prepared are as follows.

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Lemon Balm Iced Tea


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Lemon balm is called as a lemon-scented herb which belongs to the family of Mint and is known for its soothing and cooling abilities.

Method of preparation

Boil the water in a jar then pour the honey, lemon balm leaves, and the boiling water. Let the mixture abrupt for 20-30 minutes. Then in an iced tea glass, further add the ice cubes and pour the liquid. Lemon can be squeezed to raise the iced tea taste.

Hibiscus Iced Tea


Hibiscus is a summer herb since it helps in bringing down the temperature of the body owing to its cooling effect.

Method of preparation

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 In a jar of glass, mix the herbs in water and allow it to precipitous for around 3-5 hours at room temperature. In a glass of iced tea, put ice cubes and further pour the tea after straining. Add berries to tea for enhancing the taste.

Mint Iced Tea


Mint balances the body electrolytes by providing the essential potassium and sodium ions.

Method of preparation

Pour the hot water in a jar and infuse the tea with the help of tea bags by letting it precipitous for around 10 minutes. Then in a pitcher, dispense the brewed tea, then add mint leaves, lemon and honey. Refrigerate for hour and serve.

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Ginger Iced Tea


Ginger is known for increasing the body heat.

Method of preparation

Add boiling water tea bags and boiling water in jar and let the mixture precipitous for 10-12 minutes. Now discard tea bags and let the tea cool for hour. Mix ginger and honey and refrigerate for half an hour. In an iced tea glass, now place ice cubes. Now injure the tea and decant it into the glass.

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