Know The Benefits And Side Effects of Dried Dates


Most people love eating dates because of their sweet flavor. Dry fruit can be consumed at any time. Also, it is commonly used in the winters because of its high nutritious value. These are too beneficial in summers since Muslim devotees consume dates during Ramzan.

Benefits of eating dried dates


Following are the health benefits of eating dried dates.

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Good for heart health


If a person is suffering from a heart disease, he can also try dry dates. Also, dried dates are low in fat content and do not contain cholesterol which boots heart health. They are also effective in lowering LDL which is also known as bad cholesterol.

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Improves digestion


Another benefit of consuming chuara is it helps improve digestion. It has many anti-oxidative properties that boost digestive abilities and improve metabolism. It is also healthy for people who want to shed their weight naturally.

Cons of dried dates


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Despite having many advantages of consuming dates, you cannot ignore the risks which are associated with eating dates. Although rich in minerals, fiber, vitamins, there are some limitations which you should know. Besides having the nutrients, they also have harmful sulphites level.

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Causes Allergies


People who have allergy to sulphites can experience severe allergic reactions. The most common signs of an allergy are red skin, watery, itchy, red & eyes, eye sensitivity, runny nose, etc. These change from person to person but the allergies are experienced soon after eating dates.

High in sugar


If we see nutritional profile of the dried dates, these are high in sugar compared to essential nutrients. Dates contain natural sugar but dehydrating process makes them little sugary.

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