How to Boost your Immune System When Fasting


Our body’s immune system is accountable for protecting a person from diseases being caused by viruses, and toxins and bacteria. A proper immune system helps in removing the malignant cells and foreign bodies from the system. It helps in regulating the immune response against the harmless external triggers such as bodies’ tissue. Individuals with hypertension, diabetes, and respiratory issues are at an advanced risk of suffering from COVID-19 complications since these affect the immune system by increasing contracting diseases chances such as COVID-19.

Fasting during Ramadan provides a chance to flush out the toxins and cleanse the body. It is completely safe to observe fast during COVID-19 times if it is done in the right way. Following are the essential tips to be considered while fasting.

Tips to be followed to keep the immune system healthy during Fasting

Following are the expert’s advice to follow the healthiest Ramadan possible while keeping the immune system strong.

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Do not leave out on Suhur/Sahur:


Don’t wait for the iftar; make sure a person gets up in the morning for Suhoor which is the meal eaten early morning by the Muslims before observing the fast (sawm), before dawn. Eating two meals during the fasting month allows the immune system to become active since it permits the body to focus the energy on one thereby promoting better digestion as well.

Avoid eating the fried foods


Not every fried food is unhealthy but eating the fried foods during fasting season affects heart health and gut. During fasting, avoid eating deep-fried tikkis, fried potato chips and puris.

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Increasing the fluid intake


Increase the liquid intake by including the different beverages in the diet. Start a day with a detox drink and further continue drinking it all throughout the day.