Is Epsom Salt Bath Effective For Weight Loss?


Epsom salt bath may is the perfect way of losing a few extra pounds. It is a relaxing and excellent way to lose weight. This salt has been in use since the 1900s for the loss of weight and curing the digestive and skin problems. Epsom salt was discovered in Epsom, England. These crystals help in regulating enzymes in the body and maintaining the nails, healthy hair, and skin by helping in the synthesis of collagen.

Types of Salt Baths of Epsom

Following are the kinds of Epsom salt baths which will add variety to the weight loss program and will further motivate a person to stick to the routine.

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Epsom Salt and Ginger

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Excess toxin build-up in the skin is the reason for the weight gain, you should always add ginger to the bath along with the Epsom salt. Ginger is widely known to open pores of the body and eliminate the toxins through sweat. It is the natural way of removing the body toxins. The remedy works  better if a hot and warm is used. Add three tablespoons of the crushed ginger against two Epsom cup salt to the warm water bath for best results.

Epsom Salt and Baking Soda


Add two cups of baking soda and Epsom salt to the warm bathing water and further rub the body gently using the soft sponge. This process further helps in dead skin cells cleaning.

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Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar


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Add apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt in 1:2 ratios in the hot or warm water. Soak yourself in the bath for 30 to 40 minutes. Vinegar is known for relieving joint pain and stress. Hence, separately from losing weight, you will further get relief from joint aches and muscle stress.

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