Simple Home Remedies To Remove Dead Skin from Your Feet


Loose or dead skin formation on feet is a very common problem and it is foot’s indication of removing and exfoliating dead skin cells naturally. Dead skin builds up generally due to the lack of moisture, it also buildups if a proper care of feet is not taken. If you are suffering from these symptoms, then get it further medically treated and diagnosed. Else you may further remove the dead skin for the purpose of cosmetic factors since it is more comfortable.

Home remedies to eliminate the deceased skin from the feet

Physical activities leads to hardening of the skin Following are the home remedies to remove the dead skin cells from the feet easier

Epsom salt


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Epsom salt is present in every household. Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate’s crystal form, which is a mineral compound. Soak the feet in Epsom salt foot bath and after dissolving salt warm water. It helps in making the cracked and dry heels, soft and smooth which helps in removing dead skin from the feet easily.

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Baking soda


Baking soda helps in reducing the eczema signs. Baking soda bath helps in plummeting the itching levels on the skin. It is an affordable treatment for the removal of dead skin from feet.

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Paraffin wax


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Another effective remedy for the dead skin removal is the use of paraffin wax. Many nail salons further use paraffin wax for the pedicure treatment. While using the paraffin wax, always dip the feet in the wax many times. After applying the layers of wax, feet will get hard and covered with this wax. Then, wax can be removed. Any dead skin present on feet will also be removed along with the wax. This will further make feet more smooth and soft.

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