Top 5 Benefits of Betel Leaves


Chewing betel leaves is considered to be good for health. This the reason why many people follow the ritual of consuming betel leaves after supper. In this article, we will see some amazing health benefits of betel leaves.

1. Stops Hairfall


Ayurveda has proved the use of the betel leaves to address hairfall issues. You can make your anti-hairfall lotion by taking betel leaves. The leaves are easily available with Paan sellers at reasonable price.

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How to Use?

Grind some betel leaves with sesame oil & coconut oil. Now, apply the paste on the scalp. Then allow the pack on the scalp for one hour.

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2. Prevents Bad Breath


Betel leaf taken just after dinner masks the bad breath. It is an excellent mouth freshener. Apart from masking bad breath, it also treats oral problems. It is also used to control gum bleeding as well as cavities.

How to Use?

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It is very simple to use betel leaf for oral health. Boil some fresh betel leaves in clean water. Use this water as your DIY mouthwash.

3. Cures Acne


Betel leaves are packed with essential anti-inflammatory features which are helpful for curing acne. Anti-bacterial property of betel leaves kills acne-producing bacteria.

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4. Treats Itching


If your skin is too sensitive to rashes and itches, then use betel leaf to avoid allergies. The anti-inflammatory property of betel leaves soothes all the symptoms of the allergy.

How to Use?

Boil around 20 betel leaves in some warm water. Turn off heat when the leaf is slightly limp. Use clean water for bath and soak it. You should also see miracle with a single use.

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5. Fights Body Odour


The smell of the betel leaf is not as good yet enchanting. You could also make use of the natural fragrance of the betel leaf as your body deodorizer.

How to Use?

Get some fresh betel leaf oil and extract the leaf juice by crushing the betel leaf. Add it to fresh water.

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