Amazing Health Benefits of Lingonberries


Lingonberries also called as Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. are the type of berries which are red, small, and taste sour but with sweetness and bitterness tinge. They are very rich in dietary polyphenols with the potent omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidant properties, which contribute to good health.

Lingonberries are probably being mistaken for the cranberries. The difference is the prior is round and small and grows mainly on the short stalks, while the latter grows on long stalks and is bit large. In the following article the health benefits of lingonberries are discussed as follows.

Health Benefits Of using the Lingonberries

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Helps in reducing weight


Lingonberries affect the weight of the person. Usage of these berries prevents the weight gain due to the high-fat diet. They also improve the physiological body functions and reduce the fat amount in the adipose tissues, thereby causing the weight loss.

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Manage diabetes


Obesity as one of the major global health issues, progress to metabolic conditions like insulin or diabetes resistance. Lingonberries contain anthocyanins and flavonoids which decreases the diabetes risk and the other metabolic diseases.

Lowers the cholesterol levelLowers-the-cholesterol-level

A high-fat diet increases the levels of blood cholesterol and causes body fat gain. Lingonberries decreases the cholesterol levels being caused to the high-fat diet and lowers the obesity risk. The anti-inflammatory properties help in preventing the high-fat induced with the inflammatory changes.

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Reduces inflammationReduces-inflammation

Inflammation causes many chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity and. A lingonberries diet shows the improvement in inflammatory-related impairments and low-grade inflammation.

Boost the immunity


Gut health is very essential in maintaining the whole-body metabolism and immune system. Lingonberries intake is further linked with gastrointestinal health and improved gut microbiota due to the presence of strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidative activities of the fruit.

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