Here’s How Shilpa Shetty Lost 21 Kgs of Weight in 3 Months!


Most of the women gain around 10-15 kgs of weight after delivery mainly due to poor eating habits and little or no movements. The journey from being a wife to a mother is utter blissful, but what it leaves behind is a stack of a layer on the belly and weight gain in 2 digits. Vinod Channa, the health expert behind the post-pregnancy weight loss of style diva ” Shilpa Shetty. told us how she was able to make it happen” Here are few basic questions that a woman have in her mind after her childbirth.

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1. What should a woman do during her pregnancy to avoid gaining weight?
You should take care of your eating habits during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, the typical Indian families believe that a woman shouldn’t get out of her bed during pregnancy and they should eat a lot. This is an absolutely wrong notion. During the pregnancy phase, one should follow a healthy diet which includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats and everything else in a perfect balance. You shouldn’t eat junk foods no matter how intense your cravings are. Do light exercises or yoga to avoid gaining weight. Join a gym which has special classes for expecting mothers. It helps in smooth delivery.

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2. What is the difference between the fitness regime of a woman who undergoes a C-section and the one who have a normal delivery?

There is no such difference in the fitness regime. All the women face problems like joint pain, back pain, and neck problems after delivery. Increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Don’t jump in directly into vigorous exercises. After getting rid of these problems, you can do the strength training with cardio. It helps you shed kilos faster.

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What are dietary measures one should take?
You should follow a balanced diet. After pregnancy, get your D3 test done to determine the levels of vitamin D in the body. In the case of deficiency, invest in proper medications.

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Is there any vitamin to get rid of stretch marks?
You should eat the foods which are rich in vitamin E. certain exercises also eliminates stretch marks.

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Which one is a better option, yoga or gymming?
Yoga is the best option. No comparisons required. You should pay more importance to flexibility as it enables you to perform better. You can also try weight training and increase the weight gradually. A combination of workout is required for healthy weight loss.

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How did Shilpa Shetty lose weight after pregnancy?
Shilpa Shetty has a naturally lean type of body. Her body is of ectomorph type. She was thin before her pregnancy. But like others, due to poor eating habits and little movements, she gained weight. She also had joint problems and faced pain in her neck. So she found it very hard to work out after delivering. She worked on her immune system and inner outer thigh muscles, apart from the core strengthening workout.


She gradually added few more techniques like functional, animal flow workout, conditioning workout, etc. she was always strict on her diet. She limited her carbohydrate intake. This helped her lose 21 kgs in 3 and a half months.