5 Mindset Changes for Effective Weight Loss


If you are looking for some tips to lose weight, they are not so hard to find. There are several books, websites, and magazines devoted to weight loss. While the approaches might differ (raw food, paleo,  vegan, Mediterranean, etc.), the common point is that they validate the changes that should be added to your food regular choices to get the desired result.

Go for whichever diet you prefer. Chances are that this would work in short term.

1. Know the reason for losing weight


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What can be the source of your motivation? Is it that you wish to lose weight for a family reunion or wedding? The short-term goals often make losing weight much difficult because of added stress. This regular state of stress also causes increase in stress hormones like cortisol, which in turn makes it tough to lose extra weight and could increase the number on scale.

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2. Break up with your scale


Having a scale is both good and bad. It is good as it provides you with some feedback. Weighing only once in a week allows you know when you have been losing some weight and when the weight loss has been stalled.

3. Show a positive attitude


Weight loss and dieting go together with some negative feelings and the fear of failure. When individuals are on diet, they talk about all of foods they cannot have, and the feeling of starvation and deprivation take up much mental energy. If this pattern is familiar, turn it frown upside down and also start looking at glass as half-full.

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4. Keep patience


All you wish for could happen, it’s quite impossible to lose around 10 pounds overnight. TV shows such as Extreme Makeover and The Biggest Loser show large losses on a scale. But actually, these shows do not suggest people that where that lost weight has come from. When you lose some weight, you often lose a mix of fat, muscle, and water. The goal is to just preserve all muscle tissues by strength training and increase in dietary proteins so that lost weight could primarily come from fat tissues.

5. Have a plan


Benjamin Franklin said that if anyone fails to plan, they are often planning to fail. Weight loss is a perfect journey, like a road trip across a country. You require a plan about how you’re going to go from start to completion. Every night, take out some minutes and then plan out the meals and exercises for next day. Prepping meals before time and placing a cooler of foods for day before would also prevent you from having a cookie or going to the vending machine when the 3 o’clock clock snack rears the ugly head.

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