7 Hacks To Fight Seasonal Allergies


The season of a particular region depends on its geographical locations. Tropical countries such as India experience four seasons, monsoon, summer, autumn and winter. All changing seasons have their own pros and cons when this comes to your health. With the onset of different seasons, various seasonal allergies can affect your health like cold, itchy eyes, headache etc. apart from cold and heat-related diseases.

But do you know that you could fight off these seasonal allergies just by following some simple hacks which are very suitable for all seasons?

This article is going to explore some simple hacks which one should follow to avoid all seasonal allergies:

1. Wash your hands properly

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This is one of the most common things that we very often heard since childhood but still we neglect it. Always make sure that the hands are washed carefully because there are more chances that you may get allergies from the outside.

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2. Don’t skip your medications


Never forget to consume or skip the medicines that are prescribed by your doctors as it can later harm your overall health.

3. Keep windows and doors shut


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If you suffer frequently from allergies during the spring season when pollen is released into air, try to keep your windows and doors of your house always shut to avoid all kinds of allergies. Always cover your face using a mask while commuting outside.

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4. Take probiotics


According to several studies, probiotics such as probiotic supplements, yogurt is very beneficial in boosting the immune systems and so helps in preventing seasonal allergies.

5. Consume vitamin C-rich foods


Make a habit to include more vitamin C foods in your diet because it would help in boosting the immunity and combats allergies.

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6. Use herbal remedies


It is considered that herbal as well as natural remedies are more effective for all seasonal allergies. Therefore, you should try this remedy after consulting the doctor.

Avoid spending more time outdoor when there is season transition in which you are most prone to the allergies. So, you should try doing it as much as possible.

7. Spend less time outside


Always try to refrain from spending more time outside during season transition if you are a little more prone to allergies. Therefore, you must do this as much as possible.

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