Does Stomach Sweat Band Really Help You Lose Weight?


We have mostly seen on television and telemarketing channels regarding the enthusiastic spokesperson who describes the sweatband benefits of sweatband. Are stomach sweatbands good for your body? Can it help you lose weight?

Sweatbands, also known as waist belts include your midsection of the stomach by holding the heat in when you exercise. Most people wrongly believed that wrapping a sweatband around the stomach will flatten the tummy and burn abdominal fat.

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Do sweatbands help in losing weight?


A stomach sweatband makes a person sweat more, so the weight you lose is likely a water weight. In fact, these bands make it harder to lose fat, since they make it difficult to use abdominal muscles (by restricting its easy movement), and limiting the number of calories a person normally burns. Experts say, if sweatbands help you feel overheated, you are likely to burn fewer calories and do less exercise. There are various stomach sweatbands which are available in the market, like heated and unheated sweatbands.

Why should stomach sweatbands not be used?


Just because a person is sweating does not mean he/she is losing any weight, these sweatbands have a sauna-like effect which wears off in very less time.

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Does not remove the fat cells from the stomach:


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Sweatbands make it quite harder to lose fat, since they make it much harder for abdominal muscles thereby limiting the number of calories intakes you burn. If you are feeling overheated, you might do less exercise and burn fewer calories, and it is impossible to mark how much fat is reduced.

Only helps in losing water weight:


Sweatbands cover almost the entire torso. When you wear it on your stomach, it makes a person sweat more, so the weight you lose is likely a water weight. This water weight will come again when your body is hydrated by drinking more water, and you will increase the weight again.

Does not keep the muscles:

Sweatbands do more harm to the body since it prevents the core muscles from engaging in the abdominal area. Always build a strong core of muscles by doing crunches, and a strong torso means building both core strength and core stability. Does-not-keep-the-muscles

Compress the stomach:


Sweatbands compress fats in the abdomen area of the stomach, which is unhealthy for the body. Unhealthy fats are really toxic and they lead to various diseases such as stroke, hypertension etc. Therefore, the fats instead of compressing should be eliminated from the body.

It limits blood circulation:


The sweatbands which are being compressed in the stomach area compress the blood vessels too thereby preventing the smooth blood circulation in the body.

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