Get Thicker Eyebrows With Simple Ingredients


Perfectly shaped eyebrows are everyone desires for, as it enhances one’s face and personality. Thicker eyebrows are back in trend again. Your eyebrows are the most noticeable face part and it can makes you stand out from the rest. The thicker they are, the more highlighted your eyes are. Growing thicker eyebrows is not an overnight miracle. Usually, the growth rate of eyebrow hairs is more or less than 0.16mm per day. Hence, one needs to keep patience while trying home remedies. Here are some remedies to get thicker eyebrows.

1. Castor oil


It is the ancient and most effective way of getting thick eyebrows. T is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, proteins & antioxidants which will help you to nourish your hair follicles. Applying castor oil every day to your eyebrows prompts hair growth and thickens the hair strand.

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Put a few drops of castor oil on your fingertips & apply them to your eyebrows before going to bed and see the effects within a week period time.

2. Petroleum jelly


Petroleum jelly contains a generous amount of petrolatum which retains moisture. It is used to condition and moisturizes your eyebrows and one can use it daily for best results. Apply by taking it on your fingertip leave it overnight. In the morning do wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning.

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3. Coconut oil


Since ancient times coconut oil has been used for the perfect beauty regime. It can be used for moisturizing and conditioning. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that work like magic. Lauric acid present in it has antimicrobial properties that help in fighting infections. Coconut oil is also rich in iron & vitamin E. Apply this oil to your eyebrows three to four times to get good results.

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4. Onion juice


Onion juice is the best remedy for hair growth. It contains an ample amount of sulphur, selenium, minerals, vitamin B& C. All these nutrients are good for hair growth. Sulfur helps in boosting collagen, which is essential for the growth of eyebrows. Chop one onion and grind it well.Strain out the juice from it and applyit on your eyebrows. After one hour wipe it off by dipping a cotton ball in lemon juice. Try this remedy every alternate day for better effect.

5. Alovera gel


Alovera contains a compound name aloenin that promotes the growth of hairs. Take a fresh leaf on alovera and scoop the gel out of it. Massage the gel on your eyebrows for few minutes and keep it for about 30min. Apply it several times a day to get thicker eyebrows.

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6. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is rich in tocotrienols & antioxidants. Vitamin E promotes hair growth and strengthens fragile hairs. Pinch the vitamin E capsule, put a drop of oil on your fingertip &rub it on your eyebrows, and leave it overnight. Do this every night before going to bed.

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