5 Effective Yoga Poses For Firm Breasts


Yoga has several benefits for your overall health, body, and mind. You can see its benefits to get very firm breasts without going through surgeries or sweat for hours in the gym.

In this article, we have explored 5 best yoga poses which will help you have desirable firm breasts easily. Performing the yoga asanas would also help increase your breast size and also make them firm.

1. Trikonasana


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How to do:

  • Stand straight with the knees unbent and feet apart. Spread out the arms straight and just parallel to the ground.
  • While inhaling, pull the upper body in sideways direction towards ground from right side, and refer to the image.
  • Deep breathe when holding the position. Stretch at the maximum capacity without putting more pressure.
  • Exhale to come back to the original position.

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2. Dhanurasana


Also called bow pose, Dhanurasana is very helpful in treating the back pain and shaping the breasts.

How to do:

  • Lie flat on the stomach and keep the arms along your side. Keep the feet little apart.
  • While folding the knees, pull the hands backward and just hold the ankles with these.
  • While inhaling, stretch your legs and chest up and just hold the positions for few breaths.
  • Exhale while returning to original position.

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3. Ustrasana

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Camel Pose or Ustrasana is effective for treating back pain and reducing thigh fat.

How to do:

  • Kneel with the shoulders just parallel to the knees and your feet facing upward.
  • While breathing, pull the torso backwards. Touch the feet with your palms, and keep them straight on soles.
  • Do not strain the neck and head, and simply hold the position for some breaths.
  • Restore the original position steadily while breathing out.

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4. Bhujangasana


How to do:

  • Lie flat on the stomach with the feet just lying flat on floor. Keep your legs as well as feet very close together.
  • Put the palms on floor and while breathing deeply, pull the head backward with your torso, and keep your naval touching the ground.
  • Hold this posture as long as you can, while you take deep breath.
  • While breathing out, restore the original position.

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