4 Reasons You Should Avoid Activated Charcoal


Recently we have seen a tremendous increase in “detox” health Products. Products having activated charcoal as the main ingredient claims to Detoxify your body. In addition, it provides other impressive health benefits, like cleans your digestive system, whiten your teeth, ability reduce flatulence and bloating. However, there is no such available scientific evidence to claim these. Activated charcoal may sound like something you use to fire up the barbecue. This black fine powder is made up of a variety of heavy carbons like bone char, wood, coal, coconut ash, etc.  When heated this powder will undergoes chemical structure change and get converted into pours material and is popularly referred to as activated charcoal. The sponge-like properties, activated charcoal allows him to absorb varieties of chemicals like toxins, vitamins, and minerals. Activated charcoal has been widely used as an adsorbent in many medical emergencies. It is being used as emergency medicine to reduce the toxic load in the patients who consume poison or overdose of medication. Activated charcoal binds the toxins or poison to the gastrointestinal tract and stops it from getting absorbed into the bloodstream. These bonded forms of toxins or poisons are then eliminated out from the body system in the form of stools. But there are several reasons why you should avoid the use of activated charcoal and some of them are described below.

1. Can Reduce Drug Effectiveness


Activated charcoal binds with medicines like anti-inflammatory & antidepressants that make it less effective. This can have serious health interference in some cases. But on the packaging or on the bottles of activated charcoal it is not explained.

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2. Don’t Take With Juice


Activated charcoal binds with everything that includes minerals, vitamins, antioxidants that are present in your food. Some people sold the charcoal added vegetable or fruit but it would be much better to take a plain juice rather than activated as it absorbs all the healthy vitamins present in the juice.

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3. Avoid Unnecessary Use


Activated charcoal get bind immediately to almost all the particles present in your intestine & stomach.  It works when it comes in contact with intestinal contents.  If you want to detox your kebabs & alcohol which you had the previous night, will not do anything as it has already got absorbed in your bloodstream.

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4. Can Mask Taste Of Food


Our body has been designed to get rid of all the toxins naturally with the help of your kidney & liver and we should avoid adding indigestible material like activated charcoal in your food as it can make we make our food less nutritious. Taking activated charcoal to clean the toxins can sometimes slow down your bowel movements which may cause nausea and constipation and sometimes can block stools also.

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