10 Pro Tips: How to reduce belly fat in 1 month!


If you’re one among those who’s troubled by the fat rings on their bellies, then we have some awesome tips for you. You need to follow some rule as well. We already know that our diet plays an important role in keeping fit. But these days, it has been seen that people’s routine are getting busier. They hardly find time to pay attention to their health. But overlooking your health for a longer time can give rise to many healthy problems, obesity being one of them. The accumulating tyres on your belly not only makes you look haggard but also causes serious health issues.

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It has been seen that people with bellies often busy losing their weight. But when it comes to losing belly fat, they all fail. In fact, those who are skinny can also suffer from belly fat. Today we’re going to tell you easy tips to help you lose belly fat in one month.

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1. Don’t drink water immediately after having lunch
It has been seen that people often drink lots of water immediately after having lunch/dinner. This is the major reason why most of them are having belly fat. Let me tell you, drinking water just after having your meal is not right. You should have water at least 1 hour after having lunch. If you feel too thirsty after having lunch, you can have a cup of lukewarm water.

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2. Have mini-meals throughout the day
Nowadays people have fixed time to have their lunch. But instead of having 3 larger meals in a day, break your meals into 6 parts. Much on something every few hours. Never eat too much of food at one shot. This keeps the metabolic rate on track. Always include protein in your diet. Protein makes you feel fuller for a longer time. You can eat egg white, fat-free milk and curd. These foods help you stay slim and fit.

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3. Take some help from honey
Honey is known for its amazing beauty and health benefits. This kitchen ingredient is very effective in weight loss. Drink lukewarm water with honey every morning on an empty stomach. You will see the results in just 1 month!

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4. Green Tea
If you like sipping a cup of tea, then instead of having your regular tea, try a cup of green tea. It is packed with a number of antioxidants which is good for your health. The amino acid called thymine releases certain chemicals on our brain which controls our cravings.

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5. Go for a walk
You can go for a walk in the evening itself after having your dinner. It will help you burn extra calories which contribute to your waistline. You will burn 27 percent more calories if you go for a walk every day. If you want to lose your belly fat in 1 month, you should walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

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6. Fasting
Some people are foodies. They can’t control their food cravings. To get rid of this binge eating habit, you need to practice fasting. Designate a particular day in a week and fast for that full day. Eat salad and drink juice for a full day.

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7. Pay attention to your eating habits
Eating junk food is your best time pass? Then give up on this practice at once. You should steer clear of oily and spicy food as much as you can. Eat few gms of soaked almonds every day to lose belly weight. Consume 100 gms of almonds every day. Eat those foods which have lesser amounts of calories. Eat watermelon, musk melon, green veggies, and cucumber.

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8. Have adequate sleep
Sleeping adequately is equally important for weight loss. When you don’t sleep well, the stress hormone in your body is elevated. This increases your appetite. So have at least 7-8 hours of sleep to lose your belly weight.

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9. Practice Yoga
Yoga keeps you healthy. You must have heard this somewhere. And it is true to some extent. Wake up earlier than your regular waking time and practice some weight loss yoga poses. Practice sun salutation, saravangasana, bhujangasana, vajrasana, shalabhasana to lose belly fat in one month.

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10. Ball Exercises
Ball exercises have proven to be very effective in reducing belly fat. For this you have to lie down on the floor your back. Take one exercising ball in your hands and lift your hands up. Grab hold this ball between your legs now and take it down with your legs. Again lift your legs up with the ball in between and transfer the ball in your hands back again. Repeat this for 12 times. The belly fat will vanish within few weeks.

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