5 Vital Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Vaginal Wash


We spend so much time on enhancing our outer beauty, but seldom do we spend enough time on our inner self. I am talking about some essential hygiene rules. We all take a bath every day but do you clean yourself down “there” on a regular basis? I guess, not the way you should do it. Like all other body parts, our vagina too needs some attention and care. Our vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and if not taken care of properly can easily fall prey to infections which can be very painful further.

The best and the most recommended way to keep your vagina clean is by using a vaginal wash. But before you go ahead and get yourself one there are certain ingredients that you must dodge and some that you need to have in your vaginal wash.

Today we are going to share with you 5 ingredients that you must watch out for, in your vaginal wash.

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1. Perfumed products- As one of the marketing gimmicks, most of the brands come out with very attractive and eye-catching packaging. While others try to lure customers through their claims and amazing fragrance. But you should always stay away from using these heavily fragranced products as these may lead to vaginal irritation and infections. Thus, when you are buying vaginal wash make sure that you get the one which is either fragrance-free or has a very mild fragrance.

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2. Presence of lactic acid- During the ancient time, women often used raw milk to wash their vaginal area. Not only the milk act as a gentle cleansing agent for your vagina but it also ensures that the pH level of the vagina is well balanced and does not get disturbed. So the next time you are out in the market shopping for a vaginal wash, do look out for lactic acid in the ingredient list.

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3. Glycerin is a must- Glycerin adds moisture to the skin. Using a vaginal wash with glycerin as one of the active ingredients will ensure that your vaginal area has enough moisture and it does not feel dry or itchy.

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4. Sodium laureth sulfate – Sodium laureth sulfate is a carbon compound and is used products like soap and toothpaste as a foaming agent. But this carbon compound can be very harsh on the sensitive vaginal area. Especially when used for a prolonged time or too often, it may lead to dry and irritated skin, which can turn into vaginal infections if not taken care of.

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5. Should have Capric Glyceride- This also helps in getting the moisture back to the skin. So make sure that your vaginal wash does have this in the ingredient list.

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