Know Why Should You Avoid Activated Charcoal


Activated charcoal claims to Detoxify your body. Also, it provides other health benefits, like cleansing your digestive system, whitening your teeth, reducing flatulence and bloating. But, there is no such scientific evidence to claim these benefits.

1. Reduces Drug Effectiveness


Activated charcoal binds with medicines that make it less potential. This could have serious health effect in some cases. But the packaging or the bottles of activated charcoal does not have any message.

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2. Avoid Taking With Juice


Activated charcoal binds with all materials including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that are present in foods. Some people have charcoal added vegetables or fruits but it can be much good to take the plain juice rather than activated because it absorbs healthy vitamins present in this juice.

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3. Refrain from Unnecessary Use


Activated charcoal binds to all the particles in your intestine as well as stomach.  It works as soon as it comes in contact with the intestinal contents.  If you detox your kebabs and alcohols that you had taken the previous night, it will not help as it has already been absorbed in the bloodstream.

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4. Masks Taste Of Food


Our body is designed to eliminate all the toxins with the help of the kidney and liver and everyone should avoid having indigestible material like activated charcoal in foods because it could make foods less nutritious. Activated charcoal cleans the toxins and slows down the bowel movements which might cause nausea & constipation and can block stools.

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