Know the Health Benefits, Side Effects, and Ways to Consume Brinjal


The eggplant also called asubergine, is generally full of nutrients. It has low calorie vegetables and high fiber which is included in the Mediterranean diet. Eggplant offers a broad variety of health benefits but it has side effects on overconsumption.

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Health benefits of eggplant

Aids the weight loss

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Eggplant is called a low calorie vegetable and has fewer fats present in it. It can be added in diet through pickles, juices, and salads. Therefore, brinjal aids for weight loss and also helps in weight management.

Good for the health of eye


It is observed in studies that eggplant is highly beneficial for the health of the eye. The antioxidants present in the eggplant helps in oxidative damage prevention which helps in improving the vision of the eye. Eggplant is a wealthy source of vitamin C and Vitamin A and it also improves the eyesight of a person.

Risks associated with eggplants


Eggplant has the chemical solanine, which increases the inflammation and causes arthritis even worse. There is no evidence that little solanine in eggplant worsens the arthritis symptoms. The allergic reaction triggers symptoms such as swelling of the face, rash. The oxalates present in brinjal also lead to kidney stones.

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Ways of consuming the eggplant


Eggplant has a meaty and rich texture present inside which brings a creamy consistency to cooking it. However, eggplant has a bitter taste owing to the presence of some chemicals. Sweating an eggplant helps in moisture removal using salt and some compounds, which makes the flesh tenderer. So, here are the easy and simple ways of consuming the eggplant or brinjal

Eggplant fry

Roasted brinjal

Baked eggplant

Mixed vegetable pickle

Vegetable lasagna

Eggplant stew

Eggplant burgers

Eggplant juice


Mixed vegetable pickle

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