Winter Diet: 7 Best Ways To Add Beetroot In Your Diet


You must include beetroot in your regular diet because of its tremendous nutritional value & unique taste. Beetroot has a low-calorie value but is rich in a nutrients like fat, protein, vitamins, fibre, folates, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Because of its beautiful color & earthy flavor you definitely want to include it in your diet chart. Here we have listed 7 delicious and healthy ways by which you can include this into your diet.

1. Beetroot Dosa


South Indian dishes are generally very delicious & extremely healthy. If you don’t want potato filling in your dosa then beetroot filling can be a very healthy and nutritious option. Just grate the beetroot, carrot and mix them with chopped tomato, onion, garlic & capsicum.

2. Beetroot Spaghetti


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Spaghetti is very much tasty but it is not that much healthy. Zucchini spaghetti is a very common dish. But finding zucchini can sometimes be very difficult & hence you can opt for a healthier alternative i.e beetroot. Just spread the peeled & spiralized beetroot on a baking tray & sprinkle some oil & let it bake until it gets cooked. Add your favorite sauce to beetroot spirals and enjoy the dish.

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3. Beetroot Baked Fries


French fries are the most popular unhealthy junk foods with high-calorie value. To make it healthy with low calories you can replace the potato with beetroot.  To start with, just cut the beetroot in fries type and spread it on a baking tray & sprinkle with some olive oil. Garnish it by sprinkling spice of your choice like cumin powder, garam masala, chat masala, salt, pepper, etc & bake it until it gets cooked.

4. Beetroot Cutlet


Cutlets can be a great tasty snack option. The potato filling in the cutlet makes it unhealthy. You can combine the potato with beetroot that can make your cutlet healthy. Saute some chopped onions, chopped garlic, spices, & add grated beetroot to it, and to this add boiled mashed potatoes. Give them the shape of the cutlet and cook it on a non-stick pan.

5. Beetroot Rasam


Rasam is also another healthy South Indian recipe. Rasam is great for your diet as it doesn’t have any unhealthy things. Adding some beetroot to rasam will not change the recipe taste much but will definitely help you to get some nutrients. Just add some chopped beetroot into the tomato rasam & enjoy the delicious & healthier rasam.

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6. Beetroot Burger


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The burger is another unhealthy fast food. But by adding beetroot with wheat buns you can make this dish delicious and healthy.  You can include some tomato & onion slices on the burger to make it juicier.

7. Beetroot Dalia


Dalia is one of the very healthy breakfast recipes particularly in north India.  Saute some jeera, peanuts, curry leaves, cardamom, clove, salt & some spices in the oil. Now add a bowl of grated beetroot, dalia and water and cook it.

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