Everything You Need to Know About a Flexitarian Diet and Its Health Benefits


What is called a flexitarian diet?

‘Flexitarian’ means a combination of both ‘vegetarian’ and ‘flexible’. The diet further emphasizes the potential and environmental health benefits of vegetarianism while allowing the people to eat moderate amounts of animal products and meat. The flexitarian diet is called a semi-vegetarian diet which includes animal products in small amounts.

Health benefits of flexitarian diet

Decrease the cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk


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Eating more amounts of plant-based foods lowers the cardiovascular disease risk. This study of cardiovascular disease further discovered evidence from primarily plant-based foods intake, such vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, is also associated with a lower risk of CVD. These plant-based nutrients have protective effects which includes omega-3 fatty acids, multi-saturated fatty acids, and vegetable protein.

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Weight loss


The flexitarian diet is based on concepts that produce the positive results in very less time if practiced. A very useful way to put together the flexitarian diet to the workout routine is to fill the plates with fruits, whole grains and vegetables. People who are adopting a plant-based diet lose more weight than the people who do not, as per the previous research. A survey of 1100 people found that those people who followed a vegetarian diet for more than 18 weeks lost 2 kg more than the people who did not.

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Abridged risk of type 2 diabetes


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Type 2 diabetes is the most common disorder which is affecting most of the people who live worldwide. Following a vegetarian diet makes it easy to manage the chronic health condition. What is needed to be known is to keep track of how much carbohydrates a person can eat. Plant-based diets are very rich in fibre and low in sugar and unhealthy fats which results in weight loss.

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