Best Tips to Avoid Summer Digestive Problems


Digestive problems are pretty much obvious during summers. Few people hunger declines during the summer season as they suffer from diarrhea or dehydration which makes it difficult to overcome digestive problems. During summers eating spicy and oily food leads to stomach problems and indigestion.

Summers are already coming and with the rising heat your digestive system becomes weaker and slower leading to various digestive problems. Since our stomachs react differently with the change of season.

Stroke, food poisoning, heat exhaustion, and loss of appetite are very common problems in the hot months of summer. Hence, it is very important to adapt a well equipped diet during the summers in order to keep a check on the digestive system to run smoothly, else a person canĀ  feel dull and bloated through the day.

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Always engage in exercise including walking, yoga, and running are very much recommended for people of all genders and ages. These activities reduce stress and aid digestion which further removes abdominal pain.

Certain foods help a troubled digestion which includes papaya, pineapple, fennel and ginger tea, chamomile is also recommended to soothe stomachs.

Carbonated beverages, Alcohol, Coffee and carbonated beverages can worsen the digestive system. So can prescription medications, some over-the-counter as well as few herbal supplements and remedies If you take supplements or medications and still have digestive trouble, always talk to your doctor further.

In order to deal with summer also (seasonal) digestive problems, following are the simple tips to further improve digestion.

5 tips to avoid summer digestive troubles:

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Eating less


To prevent the digestive problems in summer, always avoid eating more. Since the digestive system becomes too sensitive, it is always recommended to eat less. Eating too much food can affect digestion so always prefer eating small meals at shorter time intervals. This doesn’t make you hungry and keeps digestion easy. Always prefer eating fresh fruits and green vegetables which are juicy and easy to digest. These foods keep you hydrated.

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Always drink more


Many people do not feel like eating more during the summer season. This is simply because heatĀ  and digestive problems spoil the mood completely. During the summer season, you like to drink more cold beverages especially cold drinks and juice. Eat smoothies and drink fruit juices to stay active and fit. Due to sweat, the body loses water so drinking lots of water helps in staying hydrated and avoiding the water retention problem.

Always avoid eating spicy food


Stomach inflammation is very common during summers. So, avoid eating spicy food in the summer diet. This will prevent the stomach inflammation which is being caused due to weaker spleen. Eat lotus root, beans, and carrots to disperse the pathogenic heat and build up the stomach and spleen.

Always use digestive spices/herbs


To prevent the summer digestive problems and to improve the digestion avoid having more spices and eat herbs.

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