Control Eyelash Loss in 10 Days! Causes, Treatment and Remedies


The other day I was talking to one of my friend who told me that she is having a strange problem… she has started losing her eyelashes. In fact she showed me a tiny bald patch on her lash-line as well! As if losing hair from the scalp was not enough!! I could seriously feel the pain and anguish of the poor girl! Had to come to her rescue duhh!

Control Eyelash Loss in 10 Days! Causes, Treatment and Remedies

There are a lot of people who have long and beautiful eyelashes but their habit of picking at them in times of stress, leads to the loss of eyelashes. However, this isn’t the only reason, there are many other reasons due to which eyelashes fall out or begin to disappear. Sometimes it can be due to a medical condition as well. While some might be completely natural, a lot of them are heartbreaking but fortunately most of them are preventable

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By the way this condition of eyelash loss if called madarosis in scientific terms.

Few of the Ways of Preventing Loss of Eyelashes.

Find out the Cause

The fact that there might be many reasons behind the profound loss of eyelashes makes it very important to find out the exact cause. At times, it is also related to certain medical conditions like alopecia. Hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance might as well be the cause and in case the cause is something serious, you must visit your doctor and seek guidance from him as to what could be done to help prevent the loss of lashes. Many a times, personal habits are the cause, which can be easily prevented.

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As per WebMD, There are 3 medical reasons of eyelash loss, these are-

  • Eyelid Inflammation which is also known as blepharitis scientifically, in which there is itching redness and irritation also makes eyelids kind of crusty!
  • Alopecia its the condition when you lose hair! It has the most dreaded symptoms, like receding hairline and balding!
  • Hypopituitarism is a rare condition that effects pituitary glands and can have various symptoms, eyelash loss included.
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Less Serious Causes of Eyelash Loss, But Equally Dreading!

  • Evaluate your Allergies 

Eyelashes thin out or might even fall out completely in case of those who’re allergic to makeup. If you’ve just started to use something you hadn’t used before and eyelashes have just begun to fall out, then it’s your make up that’s the culprit. However, using hypoallergenic makeup could considerably improve the problem.

  • Makeup Products

Outdated makeup products can play foul with your eyelash health. Follow the expiry dates. Make sure you use god quality products and remove all of it when you prepare to sleep even if its a tiny line of kohl!


  • Eyelash Curlers are a Big No-No

Eyelash curlers and other eye makeup tools are but wicked. Yes, they do help create long and gorgeous eyelashes but they are dangerous too because most of them who’ve used it have at some point, pulled back a bit too fast and ended up pulling their eyelashes. If this continues to happen very often, it might lead to loss of lashes, hence be careful while using eyelash curler.


Preventing Eyelash Loss-

Be aware of the preventive measures! Here are the things!

  • Remove Makeup!

Removing makeup is an essential task that you better must not forget. Be gentle use cotton balls to remove makeup and also use hypoallergenic makeup that does not cause irritation or anything to bother about as such! Also never use eye makeup products once they pass their expiry date! Throw them off before they start acting weird on your skin!

  • Wearing False Lashes too often!

Long eyelashes look but too good to not fall into the temptation of using faux eyelashes! But using them too often can cause trauma to your natural eyelashes. The glue, the tugging and pulling can be quite stressful for hose tiny strands to take in. so if you are having eyelash loss, better give fake eyelashes a gentle ”purr” and put them back!!


  • Stop Rubbing and Pulling

Its such a common sight! Rubbing eyes especially when you’re wearing mascara, could also lead to loss of eyelashes. In case your eyes are itchy and red most of the times, forcing you to rub them, just get it checked out for the sake of your lashes and also your health.


Home Remedies and Treatments to Control Eyelash Loss-

Check out these, finding these were the difficult task, but worth the effort!

  • Medical Help – Go to see a dermatologist or a physician to check for allergies or any skin condition. Your doctor would a Latisse medication which helps treat the issue and help lashes grow!
  • Castor Oil – Castor oil is a trusted home remedy to help grow eyelashes. Apply this oil daily, it will sooth irritation and help eyelashes re-grow! It also works for sparse eyebrows as well. Other oils like coconut oil and almond oil are equally beneficial for eyelash growth
  • Petroleum Jelly – Petroleum jelly is a tried and tested way to make nourish your  eyelashes and help them regrow as well. In fact this is one thing all the blogs talk about for making eyelashes longer naturally as well.
  • Borax – I have read some site say that removing eye makeup with borax can help with thorough cleansing and also helps cleanse your eye area of mites and parasites that might cause eyelash loss.
  • Oils-1
  • Biotin – Biotin is a great nutrient that helps hair nourishment and growth. Oh no you dont use it topically! Take biotin supplements1 that will help you with hair loss from the scalp as well.
  • Monitor your Diet – Diet also affects eyelashes. If you aren’t getting sufficient amount of protein and essential fatty acids and your calories are restricted, it could drastically lead to thinning of eyelashes. So make sure you have enough nuts and cold water fish to supplement for the loss.
  • Avoid Stress like Plague- Seriously now how many times one must remind one to really be off loop from stress. Its the major root of all conditions and diseases, if not the elementary cause then the cause of aggravating the symptoms!
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These were a few ways by which you can prevent and control the eyelashes from falling out or thinning. Hope this will Help… the first thing I am gonna do is give a glimpse of my careful research to my friend who really needs it like a desert needs oasis (I don’t know where did this come from!)

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