Wanna Look Like Katrina Kaif? Daily Skin Care Regime She Follows!


I may not be a great fan of Katrina Kaif’s acting talent but that just does not take away the fact that her beauty is almost ethereal… surreal! I am sure, not only me, but many other women do wonder how does she look this pretty even sans makeup! So dear readers, Here we have dished out some of the most coveted Katrina Kaif’ daily skin care tips that you can follow.

Seen mostly without makeup when off duty, Katrina Kaif is one of the Bollywood divas who shies away from makeup when she is not shooting! All we say is she really does not need oodles of makeup to look gorgeous! Her beautiful features, her infecting smile, striking eyes, and porcelain complexion is what makes this actress a natural beauty.

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Her beauty secret are revealed below. Read on to know how to look like Katrina Kaif.

Her beauty

Kat’s Daily Routine

Kat's Daily Routine

The first thing she does as she wakes up is drinking about four glasses of water in empty stomach! She believes in eating right, in right quantities and right time. Which is one tip I really liked about her! Katrina Diet diet includes lots of fresh fruits and boiled vegetables every 2-3 hours along with healthy meals. She also uses acai berry supplements and wheat grass powder to get the glow on her skin. Apart from that she likes sipping green tea. Though many sites show off Katrina Kaif’ diet chart as well, but I would rather suggest you to eat what you fancy, but make sure you do not consume empty calories and unnecessary fat and sugar!

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Exercise Routine

Exercise Routine

Her Daily routine also comprises of a few hours spend with her persona trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who helps her in her exercise routine that includes yoga, swimming, jogging, iso-planks and other core – ab exercises. Katrina believes exercising helps her blood circulation which in turn makes her skin radiant. She also indulges in kathak to keep that svelte flexible body that anybody would kill for!

Katrina Kaif Daily Skin Care

Katrina Kaif Daily Skin Care

Cleansing is an important part of Kat’s skin care routine. She never hits the bed without removing makeup. For removing her make up she uses Shu Uemera Skin Cleansing Beauty Oil and Lancome Cleansing Milk. She also loves spending on a high quality moisturizer to let her skin breath. She relies heavily on a quality moisturizer with sunblock for day time. For nights a her moisturizer is ripped of SPF.  Though her shooting schedule seldom allows her luxuries, but she does try take some time out for body massages and facials at renowned spas.

Katrina Kaif Hair!

Katrina kaif hair

Kat makes sure she gets her hair trimmed every month. For that she visits famous hair dressers in Mumbai, Sapna Bhavnani, Asif Rajan and Dilshad Pastakia.

She oils her hair regularly and uses Pantien products to wash her hair and prefers a leave-in-conditioner as her hair is fine. She also likes indulging in hair spa often to soothe her silky tresses and pamper and compensate for the abuse her hair tends to face due to excessive hair styling during the shoot.

She revealed in an interview that she takes iron supplements to strengthen her hair.

Katrina Kaif’ Makeup!

Katrina Kaif' Makeup!

Not a fan of heavy makeup, she avoids foundation but swears by a cream concealer to hide flaws.

To give her skin a fresher look, she prefers using blush in softer shades of pink, peach and apricot. She believes in buying expensive branded products for her skin as it gives the product credibility. 

The one makeup item she never leaves without is her Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot.

She does not uses makeup excessively but highlighting her eyes specially during night time galas and occasions is what she prefers.

This info is collected from what she spilled on several interviews with media personnel. Hope Katrina Kaif’ Daily skin care regime inspire you to follow her routine and look just as pretty faced and gorgeous as she does!

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