Can Double mask protect you from COVID-19 Second Wave? What Expert Says?


Second Coronavirus wave is strong across the country. The virus is more infectious and transmissible. Follow the Corona Appropriate Behavior which includes social distancing, masking, sanitizing and washing of hands. In fact, double masking enhances virus protection and cuts the prospects of catching and transmitting the virus.

What is double masking? When a person wears one mask over the other mask it is called double masking. The outer mask creates a better seal. The mask layer helps in increasing the filtration, and it also provides the protection when someone around you coughs or sneezes.

When and how to wear the Double Mask: Always consider wearing a double mask when going out in packed places like – bus stands, airports, and using the local transportation for traveling to work.

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One cloth mask over the surgical mask or commonly the two cloth masks is an ideal combination

A face shield along with the mask is used at enormously packed places

If a person is using an N95 mask, stay away from the double masking

Double masks particularly for children are needless

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Dos of masking:

What should be done?

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Always wash the mask made from cloth daily in hot water

Wear the mask properly which covers the mouth, nose and the chin

Avoid distributing the masks between the family members

After a person remove the mask, sanitize the hands carefully

Throw not reusable mask in a enclosed bin

Modify the mask and wear a new one at recurrent interval

Follow social distancing norms when wearing a mask

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Don’ts of Masking

Here is what should be avoided:

Don’t put the mask around the chin or neck

Don’t put on the wet masks

Don’t lay a hand on the mask

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